OnePlus 7: first official details teased by OnePlus CEO ahead of release date

Expect speed and smoothness, says CEO Pete Lau

OnePlus 7 Release Date Price

OnePlus has started to tease details about the next flagship smartphone, which is tipped to launch on May 14, 2019. CEO Pete Lau has tweeted about "the next product from OnePlus" that he promises will "unleash a new era of Fast and Smooth" – the motto for the firm's approach to software on its phones.

"Smooth is more challenging than Fast - a true test of hardware and software. The new product is just beautiful - I can't wait for you to see it!" Lau teases.

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As well as the cryptic message about the "next product" to launch from OnePlus, CEO and co-founder Pete Lau also shared a four second video that reveals a very obscured view of a new smartphone. Hidden in shadow, it's possible to faintly make out the curved edge of a handset. The curved corner is reminiscent of the design of the OnePlus 6T, suggesting reports little will change this generation could be true.

Elsewhere, the repeated references to "smooth" in the tweet from Pete Lau could be a thinly-veiled hint at the introduction of a 90Hz screen refresh rate tipped to be coming to one of  two OnePlus 7 models scheduled to launch in the coming months.

The faster refresh rate would offer much smoother animations and transitions across the operating system, as well as gameplay in mobile games.

Eagle-eyed OnePlus fans will also likely notice the fact the word "smooth" has three Os in the short animation published with the tweet. Now, it could just be a nice little visual flourish from the OnePlus marketing department.

However, given the sheer number of whispers and leaksters who claim the next OnePlus flagship smartphone will boast a triple-camera on the back of the handset ... that seems like too much of a coincidence, right?

The triple-camera looks set to bring an ultra-wide angle lens to the fray. OnePlus 6T currently offers a standard wide-angle and telephoto lens to enable portrait-style photographs with artificial bokeh-like blur behind the subject of the image. Adding an ultra-wide camera would help the so-called OnePlus 7 compete with the likes of the Huawei P30 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S10, which all offer this feature.

With the OnePlus 7 mooted to launch next month, expect to see more cryptic tweets and teaser trailers like this from executives at the Shenzhen company. T3 will have all the latest news and rumours, so stay tuned.