News@8pm: iPhone 5 case and Battlefield 3 Beta details

Plus: iPod Touch 3G outed by Apple and HTC EVO 3D delays

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Leaked online today was an apparent iPhone 5 case design, suggesting that the handset will have a stylish curved back. Elsewhere on the iPhone front a recent survey of 3,000 customers has revealed more than half stated that they already had intentions on purchasing theiPhone 5despite not yet having solid details about the phone.

Apple has recently leaked its fifth generation iPod Touch device, confirming that it will pack all new 3G capabilities. In its fight to make its products as compact as humanly possible and following on from the MacBook Air, it is reported Apple will be releasing a 15-inch MacBook Pro with Air-styled thinness.

In gaming news, eager FPS fans can now sign up in anticipation of the Battlefield 3 Alpha Trial. The game's developer DICE has also released information regarding its Beta test which will apparently commence in September before its October release. In other gaming related news, Microsoft has just revealed a newBluetooth headset for the Xbox 360, designed not only to be compatible with consoles only, but also PC and mobile users too.

Today brought bad news for Vodafone customers with the HTC EVO 3D phone pulled from the website, a misfortune that has apparently occurred because of mystery 'delays'. On the other end of the scale, however, Vodafone officially unveiled the Vodafone 555 Blue, a budget Facebook phone that is to take the social network to the core of its propriety OS.