Meet the new Nest Hello video doorbell, Secure alarm system and Outdoor camera

Home security just got easier and smarter than ever

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Nest, the smart connected home thermostat and smart camera maker, has announced a host of new products to connect your home. A new video doorbell to see who’s at the front door, a secure alarm system and an outdoor camera are all on the new releases list.

The Hello video doorbell is Nest’s answer to Ring. It wirelessly sends HDR quality video images to your device, showing who’s at the front door. This is smarter than a simple camera though as it can also detect a person’s face or unusual sound - presuming you subscribe to the Nest Aware service, of course. 

A new Nest+Yale lock is also incoming which pairs with the Hello video doorbell. This allows you to unlock the front door remotely. This could be ideal if you have a delivery alert while away and can see the delivery person needs to be let into the porch to drop off your package, for example. 

The Nest Secure system is being pitched as simpler to use than the competition, despite being more pricey. This means everything is controlled via the Nest app. There is a sensor, dubbed Detect, to track movement, including doors and windows opening. You also get a Nest Tag that goes on your key fob and allows for easy alarm disarming on entry. There is also a guard base that sounds an alarm if it’s not turned off using its keypad or the tags, plus it features its own motion sensor.

There is now also a Nest Cam Outdoor camera that is apparently tamper resistant, waterproof and newly designed. It also, in a first, will have Google Assistant built in. The price for all this? $349 (£257) at launch. 

The Nest Secure pack starts at $499 (£367), with extra Nest Detect units priced at $59 (£44) and Nest Tags at $25 (£19) each.

The Secure starter pack can also be bought with the Nest Cam Outdoor for $598 (£440).

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