Moov fitness tracker serves as your virtual trainer

Moov reached its $40k crowdfunding goal in 90 minutes

The Moov fitness tracker monitors your workouts to provide instant tips and feedback to push you just like a real personal trainer.

Moov is a revolutionary fitness tracker that comes in the form of a small disc that you attach to the body part you want to measure whilst exercising.

Dubbed the “next generation of wearable fitness gadgets”, it pairs with the Moov app on your smartphone/tablet to provide real-time tips on how you can improve your workouts.

For example, if you wear it on your shoe when running Moov may tell you that you need to shorten your stride and land softer to avoid injury.

When it launches, Moov will support five activities —running, cycling, swimming, boxing, and body weight training.

It will initially be compatible with the iPhone 4s and above, but Android support should be available this fall.

Moov's crowdfunding campaign was launched on Friday by ex-Apple engineer Nikola Hu where it reached its $40k goal in just 90 minutes.

A single Moov will set you back $59.95 when you pre-order, or you can get two for $99.95.

Once production begins, prices will go up to $120 for a single Moov and $200 for two.

Moov will be available this summer, but you can pre-order it now on the Moov crowdfunding site.

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