Major Google Maps on Android Auto bug has finally been fixed

Google Maps glitch gets a much-needed fix

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Google Maps on Android Auto is an always-evolving partnership designed to make it easier for people to get people from A to B – but that doesn’t mean things always run smoothly.

The most recent issue with the service has derived from the way Google Maps handles links on mobile devices to initiate navigation on Android Auto. The app was simply unable to open them properly causing widespread frustration amongst the Android Auto community. Thankfully, it now appears that Google has fixed the issue.

Android Auto

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For ease of use, if someone drops you a Google Maps navigation link through WhatsApp, users can click the link and jump straight into navigation. But this hadn't been working for a significant majority of users, who simply couldn't get the links to work after tapping them.

According to the good folks at Auto Evolution, Google now seems to have addressed the link launch issue with version 11.11.2 of the app on Android devices. Users on the Google Support forums indicate that Google Maps is now working properly again on Android Auto and the links are now handled correctly. This is good news for drivers who rely on the convenience of these clickable links to save time when trying to navigate by quickly jumping into directions.

Hit the road again

The situation echoes an earlier incident in which Android Auto and CarPlay broke on the app, so the fix will come as a relief to anyone who has been encountering the issue as the CarPlay issue caused a similar wave of frustration amongst users before it got resolved.

The update has already been received by many users on the support pages, but some do note that they're still waiting on its arrival through the latest version, so keep your eyes peeled for when this happens.

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