Low cost iPhone 6C tipped for a summertime arrival

Summer, summer, summertime

Grab your shades, as Apple's next overly colourful iPhone looks set to follow you to the pool with the iPhone 6C tipped for a summer launch.

We've been waiting for the follow up to Apple's polycarbonate-clad iPhone 5C for over two years now, with a whole host of leaks and rumours so far leading us to numerous dead ends.

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All hope is not lost however with Kevin Wang, an analyst for IHS, claiming on his Weibo account the iPhone 6C will indeed sport a 4-inch screen and arrive in mid-2016.

Cheap(er) and cheerful?

While the iPhone 5C was cheaper than the handset it arrived alongside, the iPhone 5S, it wasn't exactly the cheap iPhone people were hoping for.

The hope is the second generation C model (the C officially stands for Colour) will carry a price tag which better suits people's expectations for a plastic iPhone.

Sure there's been an extraordinarily long wait for the 6C since the launch of the 5C, but we waited years for the iPad Pro to actually show - so Apple may be playing the same trick here.

Via GforGames