Looking for wireless Android Auto? You need the Motorola MA1

This dongle does away with the wires and allows you to enjoy a seamless Android Auto experience

Motorola MA-1
(Image credit: Motorola)

If you own a modern vehicle, you’ll more than likely be aware of the Android Auto software. Baked into the majority of models these days, the Android Auto head units allow users to connect their Android phone to their car, controlling the in-car infotainment system with a familiar and intuitive interface.

That means users can get their favourite apps right in the centre of their dashboard, rather than having to relearn a new system. It makes the whole system much more usable than older cars.

But there is one small problem. The vast majority of Android Auto systems built into cars utilise a wired connection. That isn’t always the most pleasing solution. You can end up with a little birds nest of wire in the front cabin of your car – at best it’s unsightly, at worst it’s a potential hazard.

Enter the Motorola MA1. This dongle attaches to the Android Auto system, and outputs a wireless connection to your device. That allows you to minimise the cabling needed in your cabin, and keep your phone in a more enjoyable position.

Setting up the device is easy – there’s no third-party app to download here. Simply connect your phone to Android Auto as you normally would, then swap the cable from your handset to the MA1. Then, connect your device to the MA1 via Bluetooth and enjoy a seamless connection to the system.

That connection is kept seamless thanks to a 5GHz WiFi connection. That ensures you won't notice the difference when you switch from a wired to a wireless connection.

What’s more, the Motorola MA1 is the only device on the market that uses Google-licensed bridge technology. That makes this the first and only device you can use for this purpose which has all of the right tools and software built in, to ensure a seamless experience.

With Christmas lurking just around the corner, the Motorola MA1 could make a fantastic gift for the driver in your life who needs a little less clutter in their cabin. If you like to find out more about the device, click here. Or, if you’d like to buy one, check out this link.


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