iPhone XR: There’s a way to pre-pre-order it but it’s only for confirmed Apple fanboys

Now you can pre-order a pre-order for the latest iPhone XR. No, really…

iPhone Xr

The new iPhone XR is up for pre-order this Friday 19 October but it may sell out fast if rumours are accurate. As a result it could be smart to pre-order your pre-order – yup, that's a thing now and here's how you can do it.

If you're after a certain version of the iPhone XR, perhaps with an exact colour and memory combination, then you might want to get yours reserved before the pre-order rush starts. This is a privilege reserved for current iPhone customers who are on the iPhone Upgrade Program.

Thanks to being on this scheme, certain Apple fans will be able to use the Apple Store app to pick out the iPhone XR of their choice so it's ready to pre-order super easily when that goes live. So all you'll need to do is open the Apple Store app at 8:01am BST on Friday morning and hit order.

To make sure the app is all set for that time, open it before then where you'll be met with whether you're already approved or not. If so you can pick all the details as if checking out normally and it'll all be saved ready for you to pre-order at the touch of a button.

Apple's iPhone XR starts at £749 for the 64GB model.