iPhone 8 to get wireless charging and stick with waterproofing

Apple supplier spills the beans on the next big iPhone upgrade

The next generation Apple iPhone 8, if that turns out to be its name over the iPhone 7S, is due for some seriously needed upgrades. According to leaks from Apple suppliers we should be able to expect waterproofing and wireless charging in the new iPhone, at last.

The CEO of Wistron, a supplier Apple recently started working with to cut costs, has revealed the leak by telling Nikkei Asian Review the following: “Assembly process for the previous generations of [iPhones] have not changed much, though new features like waterproofing and wireless charging now require some different testing, and the waterproof function will alter the assembly process a bit.”

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Of course there is a small hole in that quote, the iPhone name. We’re hoping since this has been spoken so near to the next iPhone release we can expect these upgrades in said iPhone, or iPhones. But, of course, being the rumour mill, this is to be taken with a pinch of salt as it may refer to later iPhone models.

Apple is rumoured to be releasing an iPhone 7S, iPhone 7S Plus and a top-level iPhone 8. The premium iPhone 8 is the model expected to feature extras like wireless charging, waterproofing and a fingerprint reader behind the screen’s glass.

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