You don't care if the iPhone 7 doesn't have a headphone jack

Our reader poll reveals your thoughts on the iPhone 7

We've been running a poll over on our iPhone 7 hub for the past few weeks - asking you, the reader, your thoughts on Apple's upcoming handset.

Over 1700 of you have answered, and some of the results are quite surprising!

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We expected a massive uproar about the iPhone 7 losing it's 3.5mm headphone jack - but actually, 70-percent of you aren't that bothered, thinking everything should be wireless in 2016.

Predictably, when asked what you think Apple should include in the iPhone 7 - a MUCH larger battery came out top, with 41-percent of the vote. This was followed by waterproofing (28-percent), wireless charging (23-percent) and eight percent of you thin it should run Android. Jokers!

When asked what you think about the potential new colours - 54-percent believe Black is best, while 46-percent think the Navy Blue is the top colourway.

And finally - the big question - will you be upgrading to the iPhone 7?

A massive 57-percent of youcan't wait to upgrade! While 28-percent will wait until the next version, and 15-percent of readers will NEVER own an iPhone because Apple is rubbish. Obvs.

DISAGREE with these results?! Get voting now! Head over to the iPhone 7 hub and let us know what you think.

Also, make sure to check out T3's iPhone 7 Launch blog with the latest from Cupertino.

Lead image credit:Martin Hajek