Taiwanese pop star leaks new iPhone. Again.

Chart success and the world's most wanted gadget

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iPhone 6 leak

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iPhone 6 leak

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iPhone 6 leak

Pop star and evident gadget-leaker Jimmy Lin has posted a picture of himself holding what looks to be an iPhone 6 handset.

New images have been published online claiming to show the iPhone 6's rear casing next to an iPhone 5S. But why should you believe that this is the real deal?

Well, that would be because of who posted the pictures. Taiwanese pop star Jimmy Lin posted the pictures on his Weibo account.

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Lin surged to global gadgeter fandom for being the first to leak (several) images of the iPhone 5C months before it was officially announced.

Looks like Lin has done it again with the iPhone 6.

The photo shows a clear size difference between the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 6. According to Lin, the iPhone 6 does come with a 4.7-inch display, as has previously rumoured.

The pictures also confirm that Apple has shifted the power button to the right, suggesting that the top of the handset will be featureless. The pictures also show that Apple has retained the 3.5mm jack for audio.

It suggests that while it might be launching a Lightning adaptor for audio, it isn't planning on doing away with the old style port (just yet).

Lin also said that the iPhone 6 is “very grippy” and feels more rounded that the last couple of models.

The photos also show that the iPhone 6 will feature the same TouchID fingerprint scanner as found on the iPhone 5S.

Expect Apple to officially unveil the iPhone in either September or October.