iPhone 4S handsets see hours of Siri blackout

Apple's voice activated personal assistant Siri takes a sabbatical

Adding to the list of issues with Apple's voice activated personal assistant Siri, handset users in the US have complained they were without service yesterday

The party piece of Apple's recently released Apple iPhone 4S handset; the company's voice commanded personal assistant Siri has reportedly suffered its first widespread outage.

A number of iPhone 4S users in the US have claimed that for a number of hours yesterday, November 3rd, they were unable to make use of the Siri system which is capable of searching the web for desired information, making diary entries or dictating emails, messages and memos.

Whilst Apple has yet to formally respond to the reported service blackouts those affected by the loss of functionality have said they were repeatedly faced with a prompt stating Siri could not connect to the network.

Siri Security Issues

In the weeks following launch Apple has come under fire for a number of seemingly glaring security issues with its Siri system on the iPhone 4S. Users who have a passcode on their 4S device have seen it bypassed with potential thieves able to access an endless stream of personal information simply by holding down the home button when faced with the lock screen to summon Siri.

Have you already snapped up an Apple iPhone 4S, have you been affected by a loss of Siri functionality? Let us know via the comments box below.

Via: GeekyGadgets