HP Spectre x360 laptops: designed for the way you REALLY live

HP's latest and greatest laptops boast all the must-have tech any new laptop should have

HP Spectre x360 15df1006ne
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The way we work, communicate and socialise has been transformed in recent years. But is the technology you're using keeping up with the way we live now? 

Working from home, streaming shows, listening to music, working out, following recipes and hanging with friends online: these are the everyday activities we turn to our laptops for. And if your laptop isn't delivering, it could be time for an upgrade. The good news is that, when it comes to flexibility and ease of use for whatever you're doing, HP’s versatile 2-in-1 laptops might just have everything you need…

When you've been sat down, working or studying all day in the same position, you don't want to have to stay like that when it's time to catch up with friends. 

The prospect of having to sit, staring at a screen on your lap, is just not that relaxing. What you need is a laptop that works for you, not a laptop that you end up working for.

The good news is that the HP Spectre x360 15df1006ne laptops adapt to whatever position you find yourself in. Their 360 design has four modes of usability – laptop, tablet, reverse, and tent – which means you can position the device into whatever way works for you, whether you are on the couch or on the floor, curled up or sprawled out. 

They also come with Intel’s 9TH GENERATION INTEL® CORE™ i7 PROCESSOR, for unparalleled computing power. 

Great features, an awesome touchscreen and all-day battery life

HP Spectre laptops have awesome touchscreen features, designed to make your life easier. Whether you're looking up stuff, following instructions when your hands might be full – recipe guides for instance – or generally taking it easy, touchscreen features make life super-easy. 

If you love marathon chat sessions or binge-watching shows long into the night, you’ll also be glad to know that HP premium laptops have a battery life up to 22.5 hours. Some models add a full backlit illuminated keyboard too, so you can keep going long into the night, wherever you are.

HP Spectre x360 15df1006ne

(Image credit: HP)

Video camera privacy 

We've all been there. Your parents call, but it’s 4pm and you are still in your pyjamas. Or your friend calls as you're in the middle of getting dressed. Or you're having a fancy-dress social hang out with friends, but accidentally video call your manager

Okay that last one literally sounds like a nightmare, and it's a fact that a big tech fear for many is having your laptop camera is on when you really don’t want it to be. That's before you even get on to worries about data security and your camera being hacked

So, if you want the security of knowing that your camera is really definitely 100% OFF when you want it to be, reach for the new Webcam Kill Switch on HP's premium laptops. This is a physical switch that cuts the power to your laptop webcam, making it unviewable and unhackable. So now you really can dance like nobody's watching. Because they aren't!

Custom tuned speakers from Bang & Olufsen 

Speaking of dancing, HP laptop speakers have been custom-tuned in collaboration with the audio experts at Bang & Olufsen. The result is sound you can feel, bringing entertainment to life.

It's just one more way that HP premium laptops are designed for the way you REALLY live. 

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