How Panasonic’s 4K Pro HDR technology brings Hollywood to your living room

Panasonic’s FX750 4K TV matches professional movie-making tech with a stunning design

If you love watching the most visually spectacular movies and TV shows, you want them to look the best they possibly can, and that’s what you get from Panasonic’s FX750 range of 4K HDR TVs.

Available in 49-, 55-, 65- and 75-inch sizes, these TVs feature Panasonic’s 4K Pro HDR system, which combines a range of advanced technologies to show your movies exactly the way the directors intended.

There are three parts to the 4K Pro HDR system: the HCX processor, the Hexa Chroma Drive, and Hollywood Tuning. Here’s how they all work together.

The HCX processor controls the dots on the 4K panel on a pixel-by-pixel basis, ensuring perfect detail and precision in the image. It uses technology that was reserved for professional video monitors in the past – the kind used in movie studios for editing movies, and perfecting the colours and stylised looks of a film.

And that’s where the Hollywood Tuning part comes in: Panasonic provides pro monitors for exactly this use in movie studios, so when the directors of many big-name films are deciding how moody a scene should be, or how they want coloured lights to highlight an actor, they’re judging the look on a Panasonic screen, which has been tuned precisely to Hollywood’s needs.

That same tuning is applied to the TVs Panasonic sells for you to watch at home, including on the FX750 range. This means that you know what you’re watching looks exactly the same to you as it did to the film-makers, so you get the truest possible version of their vision, from the contrast between shadow and light, to the range of colours.

That brings us to the Hexa Chroma Drive, which powers the beautiful colours of the FX750’s screen. Instead of using just red, green and blue as the base colours for what you see on the screen, Panasonic’s 4K Pro HDR TVs also use cyan, magenta and yellow. With six base colours to build from, a wider range of hues is possible, taking full advantage of what HDR video is capable of showing.

Having a wider colour range means there can be more nuance and pop to something like a nature shot, with a more realistic graduation of colour really bringing the outside world into your living room. Even in something simpler such as a football match, more realistic colours mean a better contrast between the players and the pitch, making everything easier to follow.

When all that is combined with support for Ultra HD video and multiple HDR formats (including the most common HDR10 standard, the HLG standard used for live HDR broadcasts, and the new HDR10+ dynamic standard which makes every scene look even more close to life), you get an absolutely stunning picture.

On top of the fantastic images on the screen, the FX750 range also has a gorgeous Art & Interior glass design. The clear glass of the screen extends beyond the panel, giving the impression the image is almost floating, rather than looking like it’s surround by a chunky frame.

The minimalist stands also help to make the physical presence of the TV fade into the background, so that all you’re focused on is the glorious screen quality.

You can find out more about the FX750 range, and about’s fantastic customer service, at

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