Google Chrome OS update just gave Chromebook users a cool free upgrade

Chrome OS 96 has some neat new camera features for Chromebooks

Google Chrome OS being used on Chromebook
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And now Chrome OS has just got even better on Chromebooks, with Google's official Chrome OS 96 update bringing with it some cool new camera features.

The features, which were detailing on the official Google blog, include the ability to use a Chromebook's built-in camera to scan any document and turn it into a PDF or JPEG file, as well as to personalise an external camera's angle with a new Pan-Tilt-Zoom feature.

Google Chrome OS 96 features running on Chromebook

An example of how you can now scan files using a Chromebook's built-in camera.

(Image credit: Google)

Scanning a document with Chrome OS 96 is done like this. Firstly, open the Chromebook's camera app and select "Scan" mode. Then hold the document you want to scan up in front of the camera – the edges of the document will be automatically detected. The document will then be automatically scanned and can be saved as a PDF or JPEG file ready for sharing.

Google Chrome OS 96 features running on Chromebook

The Pan-Tilt-Zoom feature allows Chromebook users to adjust their external camera angle.

(Image credit: Google)

As for using the new Pan-Tilt-Zoom feature, with an external camera plugged in to the Chromebook, open the Chrome OS camera app and then use the controls to adjust the camera as you see fit. The positioning selected will then be automatically saved so that it is ready for the next video meeting.

Excitingly, the Google blog post also says that early next year the ability to create GIFs is coming to the Chrome OS camera app. This will allow Chromebook users to record short video clips and then have them automatically turned into GIFs ready for sharing.

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