First 4.7-inch iPhone 6 to roll off the production line soon?

Taiwanese supplier Pegatron reportedly given the go-ahead

Reports coming out of Taiwan suggest the first batch of 4.7-inch iPhone 6 models could be rolling off the production line in the next few weeks.

Apple supplier Pegatron has reportedly been given an order to begin production on 15 per cent of all 4.7-inch iPhone 6 handsets ready for a launch in September.

The news was first reported by Taiwanese newspaper Commercial Times and Pegatron is the Taiwanese company that Apple used to build many of its older iPhone models, alongside the iPhone 5C.

While Pegatron has been given an order for 15 per cent of the upcoming iPhone 6 handsets, the other 85 per cent will be manufactured by Foxconn, according to the paper.

Foxconn is well known in tech circles for its relationship with Apple and the company had the exclusive contract to build the iPhone 5S.

Wondering why this news should be important to you? Well, in theory, Apple wants to 'diversify' production of its iPhones by bringing other companies into the manufacturing process.

That's because one of the biggest problems facing Apple is that it struggles to meet the demand for its latest iPhone. So, by bringing in another company, it immediately increases the number of iPhone 6 smartphones it can make. And cut down the time that you have to wait to get one.

That extra manufacturing muscle could be crucial – especially if rumours that Apple will launch not one but three different models of the iPhone 6 are true.

Production may be ramping up, but the iPhone 6 isn't expected to be revealed properly until September. It will then likely launch later that month, or at the beginning of October.

Source: Commercial Times