Take multiroom smart speaker audio to the next level with the incredible Denon Home range

Upgrade your audio experience in every room with Alexa and Hi-Res Audio

Denon Home muiltiroom with Alexa
(Image credit: Denon)

We love the convenience of smart speakers, but we’re not always sold on the audio: many of the firms that make smart speakers aren’t audio experts, and that’s really obvious when you turn the music up. So we’re delighted to discover the Denon Home range of wireless speakers and soundbars, which sound spectacular and take multi-room audio to a whole new level. With both Alexa and HEOS built-in, it’s the most comprehensive multi-room audio system on the market. 

Denon is a legend in the world of high quality, high performance hi-fi hardware. They have over 110 years of heritage, and their shelves groan under the weight of all the awards their hi-fi components, home cinema hardware, headphones and speakers have won. 

Denon has always been about innovative design, clever technology and truly exceptional sound, and with Denon Home they’ve put all of that expertise into smart speakers that deliver an amazing audio experience to every room in your home.

Denon Home range: https://www.denon.com/en-gb/category/denon-home

Denon Home Sound Bar 550: https://www.denon.com/en-gb/product/denon-home/denon-home-soundbar-55

Denon Home 350: https://www.denon.com/en-gb/product/denon-home/denon-home-350

Denon Home 250: https://www.denon.com/en-gb/product/denon-home/denon-home-250

 Home 150: https://www.denon.com/en-gb/product/denon-home/denon-home-150

Exceptional audio in every room

Denon Home muiltiroom with Alexa

(Image credit: Denon)

From the superb Denon Home Sound Bar 550 to the spectacular Denon Home 350 smart speaker, every product in the Denon Home range delivers the ultimate audio experience with powerfully engineered Denon sound. The speakers deliver extraordinary room-filling sound on their own, and you can pair them to deliver even more powerful audio with a beautifully realised stereo soundstage.

An incredible audio upgrade

Denon Home muiltiroom with Alexa

(Image credit: Denon)

The Denon Home speakers and soundbar are good-looking things, with modern industrial design realised in attractive, splash-proof fabrics, but it’s the way they sound that’ll really knock your socks off.

There are four models in the Denon Home range: the compact Denon Home 150, the mid-sized Denon Home 250, the masterful Denon Home 350 and the deceptively slim Denon Home Sound Bar 550. Whichever one you pick, the difference between it and other smart speakers is dramatic. These are speakers that punch way above their weight, delivering crisp, crystalline highs, punchy mids and deep, defined lows. By combining a set of two identical Denon Home speakers you can even create a true stereo system, wirelessly. And for a deep bass impact, just add the wireless subwoofer DSW-1H.

Hi-Res Audio for the ultimate experience

Denon Home muiltiroom with Alexa

(Image credit: Denon)

Where other smart speakers may not even deliver full CD quality, Denon Home delivers full, uncompressed Hi-Res Audio to your entire home, tuned by Denon’s engineers to sound spectacular no matter what kind of music you’re listening to.

The Hi-Res Audio support includes Amazon HD, ALAC, FLAC, WAV and DSD, and your Denon Home devices also integrate brilliantly with other streaming services including Spotify, Deezer and Tidal. The soundbar builds on this already impressive audio by adding Dolby Atmos and DTS:X for breathtaking cinematic surround sound, and if you want even more spectacular 3D audio you can use Denon Home speakers to handle the rear channels while your Denon Home Sound Bar does the rest.

No matter which product you pick, if this is your first Denon audio experience then prepare to be amazed. You’re going to hear your music and movies with a depth and clarity that you’ve never heard before.

Connect your home with Alexa and HEOS

Denon Home muiltiroom with Alexa

(Image credit: Denon)

Every product in the Denon Home range comes with Alexa built-in so you can control your music and your smart home devices with just your voice, and it also has something other smart speakers lack: HEOS Built-in.

HEOS stands for Home Entertainment Operating System, and it’s a wireless multi-room streaming platform that enables you to connect and stream high resolution music to select wireless speakers, AV receivers, network streamers and soundbars from Denon and Marantz via your Wi-Fi network.

HEOS is incredibly simple to set up and use with the included remote for your Denon Home Sound Bar 550, your TV remote, the on-board control panel, your voice or the HEOS app for iOS/iPadOS and Android. And it sounds amazing, because it uses Wi-Fi rather than Bluetooth. That means it has the bandwidth to stream uncompressed audio around your home without losing any of the precious music.

HEOS works with all the main streaming services and with your own music library too, and because it integrates so well with other HEOS hardware it enables you to stream incredible multi-room audio from any of your connected audio sources.

The ultimate single or multiroom audio system

Denon Home muiltiroom with Alexa

(Image credit: Denon)

If you’re serious about your music, we think you’re going to love Denon Home. It delivers the same exceptional audio quality Denon is famous for with the convenience and connectivity of Alexa and HEOS. If you’re looking for the ultimate stand-alone speakers or a multiroom masterpiece, you’ll be delighted by these Denons.


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