Capture stunning images with the brilliant ZTE Axon 7

A smartphone camera that can compete with SLRs

There's nothing worse than wanting to capture a moment forever and not having a camera around to snap it.

The Axon 7, aside from being a great-looking phone with a stunning 5.5-inch WQHD AMOLED display, comes with an advanced 20MP, f/1.8 sensor with dual image stabilisation (optical and electronic) and powerful features to make photo-taking a breeze.

Its real strength comes from the auto selection mode: whip the camera out of your pocket and the phone will recognise and pick the right scene for you, taking the horrific guesswork out of a time-sensitive situation. The auto selection mode is designed in a way that gives you the right white balance, sharpness and exposure levels to help you effortlessly capture the moment you want.

Fond of being in your own pictures? Let's be honest, these are your memories, so you want people to know you're having a great time in front of the pool or at that amazing gig. The Axon 7's impressive 8MP wide angle front-facing camera, along with some impressive auto detection mode such as smile capture, voice capture, and self-beauty will get that job done effortlessly.

Trying to take a picture at night? Auto night shot will tailor the settings to precisely the level you need, and with auto HDR thrown in the mix, you'll get sharp, crisp and bright images that you'll treasure.

Or perhaps you are taking a picture of your son scoring the winning goal during a game of football? The AXON 7 will work out the perfect mode needed to capture timeless moments forever by intelligently selecting the right mode for fast moving images. And this is combined with dual image stabilisation (OIS and EIS) and hyper-fast auto focus for ultimate sharpness.

Autofocus on the Axon 7 is among the fastest on the market but if you want to slow it down per se to capture some slow motion video, the AXON 7's 240fps HD slow-mo can provide some incredible clarity to hyper-detailed video. You'll believe it when you see it. It can even further slow down to 300fps if you really want to view a fast action shot frame by frame in ultra-slow motion. Not to mention the support for 4K video recording as well – that's right up there with the best video recording capability you can possibly get on a smartphone right now.

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But if you are the kind of person that sometimes likes to get into the manual settings to explore and tune camera parameters, the Axon 7 offers an impressive manual mode for you to tweak the settings till your heart's content.

The combination of simplicity with advanced hardware and sophisticated software optimization has brought talk of the Axon 7 being good enough to compare with SLR photography. This is a smartphone that can intelligently remove the hideous noise that often plagues our smartphone snaps, and all it takes is a few snaps to prove the Axon 7 will get you a great picture, every shot, every time.

So what are you waiting for? You want a phone with powerful snapping capabilities, cutting-edge optics and the intelligence to get the photo you want no matter the situation – the ZTE Axon 7 offers all that and more.

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