The best Black Friday 80-inch TV deals 2022

Meet the best Black Friday 80-inch TV deals on incredible giant-screen 4K and 8K TVs from Samsung, Sony and LG

Samsung QN900A 80-inch TV with sign saying Black Friday Deals
(Image credit: Samsung)

In this guide to the best Black Friday 80-inch TV deals, we'll help you get today's lowest prices on big and beautiful 80-inch TV models from Sony, Samsung and LG. If there's a particular TV you've got in mind, you can jump straight to it using the quick links – or read on through and see what we've got!

Finding the best Black Friday 80-inch TV deals is very wise, because TVs at this size start to get seriously costly, and with the discounts we're seeing, you can save hundreds or even thousands, depending on how elite you're feeling. We've seen some huge savings on this size of TV among the best Black Friday deals in 2022.

Though 80-inch (and bigger) TVs constitute a significant step up in price even over 75-inch TVs, you might be surprised at the price you can get some models for. Surprised in a good way, we mean. Many of the world's best TVs come in this size, and obviously the more high-tech the screens are, the better they look at huge sizes – if you can afford it, we'd definitely encourage you to look at the best 8K TVs at this size.

You can get some of the best OLED TVs at this size, and lots of the best Samsung TVs have options that are this big – and if you want a more affordable 80-inch TV, Samsung is the brand we'd most recommend. In terms of pure the total amount of money saved, you'll see the most spectacular numbers among the best TV deals, as long as you've got room!

Samsung Black Friday 80-inch TV deals

Samsung AU7100

Samsung Q60A

Samsung Q80A

Samsung QN95A

Samsung QN800A

Samsung QN900A 8K TV

Sony Black Friday 75-inch TV deals

Sony X85J

Sony A90J

LG Black Friday 80-inch TV deals




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