The best Black Friday 32-inch TV deals 2021

Looking for a cheap Black Friday 32-inch TV deal? Come on in and browse all the best models

Samsung 32-inch TV with a sign saying Black Friday deals
(Image credit: Samsung)

Black Friday 32-inch TV deals are perhaps not the most searched for, but there's some great deals to be had if you do. Models from all the big manufacturers, including LG, Samsung, Sony and Philips can all be found at a discount. 

As our guide to the best 32-inch TVs demonstrates, you can get some excellent image quality at this size – you won't find 4K resolution here, but you will get great smart TV features and even HDR, meaning it's easy to find what you want, and can be pretty cinematic once it's playing.

32-inch TVs tend to be much more affordable than larger TVs, and when you add on the Black Friday discounts, they can be total bargains. Don't expect hundreds of pounds off, like some of the big-screen TVs that grace our list of the best Black Friday deals, but you can expect to pay 20%-30% less during Black Friday, depending on the model you want.

If you're wondering what to look for in a 32-inch TV, we'd say to make sure you get a great smart TV platform (though most offer all the big-name apps for streaming these days), make sure you have enough HDMI ports for everything you want to connect, and then focus on image quality.

If you can stretch to buying a 'Full HD' model rather than a 'HD Ready' you'll get a higher resolution, and so a sharper image – we'd recommend that if you're able. And if you can splash out on one with HDR support, you'll get richer colours, which is always nice. But otherwise, don't hesitate to buy something at the budget you want, from a brand you trust – the models here are all approved by T3!

Don't forget you can check our general guide to the best Black Friday TV deals for more models at different sizes!

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