If you want an Apple iPhone 8 you'll need to move fast

Following record iPhone 7 sales, Apple’s 10th Anniversary OLED handset could be a rare treat

Apple announced its full quarterly numbers for the first time since the iPhone 7 was released and in another first it’s made record breaking sales. But it’s a specific sell that suggests the larger iPhone 8 could be the next big hit.

Apple reports that its iPhone 7 Plus had particularly high demand. Bearing in mind this was the quarter when Apple “sold more iPhones than ever before” according to Tim Cook, that bodes well for the larger handset.

Apple is rumoured to release an iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and an iPhone 8 premium model which will feature front and back glass and potentially even a translucent OLED screen. These latest results show a strong appetite for larger iPhones and if Apple, as rumoured, goes for large with its premium unit then we can expect it to sell out fast.

The problem is that rumours suggest the OLED suppliers of Apple won’t be able to keep up with demand so the OLEDs will only be in the top iPhone 8 model. This could mean it’s not only popular but also in short supply.

Despite fears that Apple would suffer yet another quarter of falling sales, as people wait for the new 10th Anniversary iPhone rather than buy now, the iPhone 7 has sold well. The suffering sales was thought to be the result of competition from more affordable Chinese handset manufacturers. 

This sales bump shows that people are still ready to splash out so Apple can continue to aim high for its next handset and - hopefully - we’ll see more than just an incremental update for the iPhone 8.

Apple’s iPhone 8 has been rumoured plenty so check out the feature below to hear everything expected from Apple’s potentially biggest seller yet.

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