Apple iPhone 5 to feature advanced 3D camera?

Unveiled Apple patent hints at potential 3D camera inclusion for next-gen iPhone 5

Apple's next-generation handset, the new iPhone 5 could see an advanced 3D camera introduced with the 2013 iPad offering to follow

New reports have suggested Apple will introduce a 3D camera to future iterations of its iPhone and iPad devices after a patent from the Cupertino based company emerged outing its work into the compact extra-dimensional snappers.

Far from the first time Apple has been tipped to be working on 3D technologies, the latest reports have suggested the 3D cameras could be introduced to the company's iOS packing products allowing users to make use of advanced microlenses to add visual depth to extra-dimensional snaps.

The latest patent filing, released by the United States Patent and Trademark Office would not see the 3D tech limited to pocket blowers with Apple announcing such technologies could be introduced to “digital cameras, personal computers, personal digital assistants (PDAs), mobile telephones, a standalone camera,” or indeed any device that is capable of processing the resulting image data.

Detailing the true capabilities of the 3D imaging technologies the Apple patent adds that: “A user may take video of a home while walking through the home and the image sensing device could use the calculated depth and surface detail information to create a three-dimensional model of the home. The depth and surface detail information of multiple photographs or video stills may then be matched to construct a seamless composite three-dimensional model that combines the surface detail and depth from each of the photos or video.

Whilst it is not likely that such features will be introduced into devices with the coming months, a number of reports following on from the patent unveiling have suggested the 3D snapper could well be the eventual party piece of the eagerly awaited and heavily rumoured new iPhone 5.

Apple new iPhone 5 Rumours

Far form confirmed the latest iPhone 5 rumours have followed on from a flurry of previous reports that have suggested the iOS touting handset will sport an all new form factor that moves the market leading handset on from the iPhone 4 and 4S design with a Gorilla Glass 2 backing to make the device more life proof.

Originally expected to make its first appearance last year before the somewhat disappointing arrival of the Apple iPhone 4S, the iPhone 5, which has recently been tipped for an October 2012 release, is now expected to land without its numerical branding.

As well as a quad-core ARM A6 processor, a number of iPhone 5 rumours have suggested the next-gen handset will sport an improved camera, increased RAM and larger storage options.

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Via: 9to5Mac