Why Denon Home with HEOS® Built-In is an essential home audio upgrade

HEOS® allows you to link up to 32 Denon devices and puts you in control of them all

Denon audio equipment in use
(Image credit: Denon)

Smart speakers that can connect to each other and your smartphone are a dime a dozen these days, thanks to no-name brands flooding the market with equipment that no sane audio enthusiasts would touch. These flimsy boxes offer barely audible highs, middling mids, and distorted bass. Not to mention, their connectivity is iffy at best. If you like music and want to share it with others around you in the way it was meant to be, you need Denon’s range of smart speakers with HEOS® Built-in.

‘What’s HEOS?’ we hear you asking, and the answer is simple: it’s the only audio solution you need for multi-room audio. HEOS® isn’t just a feature; it’s a way of effortlessly uniting all your speakers, Hi-Fi Systems, AV receivers and other AV gear to work together as a true home audio system. And it puts the control in your hands.

‘HEOS’ stands for Home Entertainment Operating System, and it’s Denon’s way of creating one of the most sophisticated wireless multi-room audio platforms to join together all your audio kit. If a device is labelled as having ‘HEOS® Built-in’, you know it will work effortlessly with your other HEOS® Built-in devices, so you can buy it with confidence, knowing that it’ll slot right into your home audio ecosystem.

Denon audio equipment in use

(Image credit: Denon)

A sea of sonic opportunities

Take, for example, the Denon Home 150 Smart Speaker with HEOS® Built-in. No matter how compact this device is, it features the same award-winning premium sound based on over 110 years of hi-fi heritage you’d expect from a Denon Audio device. It supports Hi-Res Audio for TIDAL and Amazon HD, as well as Amazon Alexa. And yes, it’s fully HEOS® compatible.

Or, let’s say, you want Chris Hemsworth in Extraction 2 to not sound like a wheezing mouse on your TV – what are you going to do? Add the Denon Home Sound Bar 550 Smart Sound Bar with Dolby Atmos and HEOS® Built-in to your TV/AV setup. Using Denon’s brilliantly unique sound enhanced by Dolby Atmos, you can create a fully immersive 3D audio-visual experience in your living room. It’s home entertainment like you’ve never heard before.

But wait, there is more! You also can create a 5.1 set-up by pairing a Denon Home Sound Bar 550 with two Denon Home Speakers as rears and a Denon Home Sub. That’s a superb-quality 5.1 surround sound experience using only four speakers. You don’t need to stop there, either: combine wireless speakers, soundbars, mini-systems, 2-channel hi-fi systems, and AV receivers into one seamless multiroom audio ecosystem.

Using Denon’s HEOS® Built-in system, you can link all the speakers above and more (up to 32 simultaneously), playing exceptional sound in perfect unison across all rooms in your home, creating a seamless listening experience for you and your family or guests. It’s a mind-blowing 3D audio sensation from legacy content, even without height speakers. Better still, you’re in control of what’s happening, acting as a conductor for all your Denon devices.

Denon audio equipment in use

(Image credit: Denon)

HEOS® is connected sound that makes sense

HEOS® is more than just a wireless coupling between your speakers over Wi-Fi. It allows all your devices to talk to each other over your home network, which means they can play the same music – so it’ll be audible wherever you are in the house – or you can set a different playlist for every speaker, creating a different mood in each room.

No Wi-Fi? No problem. You can stream offline using Bluetooth straight from your phone or laptop, including Amazon Music, Deezer, Napster, SoundCloud, Spotify, Tidal, Tune-In and more. Plus, every HEOS® Built-in device has a USB port that lets you stream music from that source across multiple rooms, letting you create your own NAS system.

And because it’s Denon, you can rest assured that the sound you hear coming from the speakers is what musicians and sound engineers want you to hear. HEOS® Built-in supports MP3, AAC, Apple Lossless, DSD, Flac, Wav and WMA formats, as well as physically connected sources like a CD player, turntable or even cassette deck.

Products like the CEOL N12DAB Hi-Fi Network CD Receiver with HEOS® Built-in and DAB+ Tuner let you play through your CD collection and stream the audio across multiple HEOS®-compatible devices. If you have a Turntable, you can do the same by plugging it into a HEOS®-compatible amplifier or simply tethering it directly to a Denon Home speaker via an auxiliary cable. This auxiliary cable solution applies to multiple sources and is an easy way to integrate your analogue set-up into a multi-room network.

All sorts of devices feature HEOS® Built-in, from Denon Home wireless speakers to soundbars, mini systems, AV receivers, and even traditional hi-fi set-ups. Head over to Denon to learn more.


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