Wattbike is the ultimate fat burning weapon for the time poor

Wattbike Atom is an elite-level fitness tool that anyone can use to get in shape

Wattbike Atom New Year training for the time poor
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Looking to lose weight, get in shape, tone up and generally crush your fitness goals in 2020? We know that even the most motivated people can be undermined by a lack of time. The will may be there there but family, work and everything else means the time is not. 

To defeat that, you need to optimise your home workout, and a great way to burn calories fast – and hence burn belly fat – is with a home cycling setup. If you don’t want to lose the time trial, Wattbike Atom (opens in new tab) is the ultimate home cycling setup.

Wattbike Atom: look good from every angle

So, we know how it is. You’re always meaning to get real about getting in shape soon… shortly… any time now. But family and work commitments make it tough. You can join a gym, but you do you have the time or inclination to drag yourself there 3 times per week? And do you really want to go running or road cycling when it’s raining, or the kids need to be picked up from school?

Wattbike Atom is perfect for the time-poor, over-fed and under-exercised. It can provide workouts from beginner-level to gruellingly intense and gives awesome insights into your fitness journey along the way. It's built like a warship, but takes up way less room. In fact, with a footprint of just L 39.4" x W 19.7" x H 59.1" you can put the Wattbike Atom anywhere. Its award-winning design (an iF World Design Award, no less) also means it looks stunning from all angles, wherever it resides.

Wattbike Atom New Year training for the time poor

The Wattbike Atom's footprint is as small as the name suggests

(Image credit: Wattbike)

 A version of the Wattbike Pro/Trainer (found in gyms, health clubs and elite level workout centres in the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL) designed for domestic use, the Atom is actually very similar to its sibling. It has a very slightly lower maximum resistance, but take it from us, unless you’re a champion road cyclist, the Wattbike Atom is plenty intense enough for you. 

We all want to be the best, fittest, healthiest versions of ourselves. The quality of cardio and muscle workout you get from a Wattbike Atom means you can achieve that without needing hours of time, in terms of either travelling or exercising. It’s always there in your home, ready for you to train whenever is convenient for you. 

You can sit down on a Wattbike Atom and blast it, and you’ll easily burn 1,000 calories in an hour. However, the Atom is also a sophisticated and versatile training tool that offers perhaps the most essential part of any workout, if it’s to maintain your interest: variety.

Wattbike Atom New Year training for the time poor

Just add a tablet for instant motivation

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The Wattbike Hub app, which is absolutely free to use when you buy a Wattbike Atom, is packed with training plans and preset workouts, from climbs and endurance tests to sprints, and most of them can be done in under an hour, indeed a lot of the HIIT workouts are around half that. Racing against yourself is harder than you might think, but Wattbike offers you a world of competitors and challenges. 

That’s thanks to its class-leading connected features, letting you take on all the top training and racing apps, from Zwift to TrainingPeaks. You can even sign up to live classes from the likes of Peloton for a whole other type of workout.

As you’d expect from such a pro-level bit of kit, Wattbike Atom is serious about training data. Metrics are tracked with incredible accuracy - they’ve got it down to just +/- 2%. The killer USPs here include Wattbike’s Pedal Effectiveness Score and Ergo mode. 

Pedal Effectiveness Score, as the name suggests, shows you how efficient (or not) your pedaling is, in real time, with scores for both the right and left pedals. The challenging Ergo Mode challenges you to set a desired power output as high as you dare, then whacks up the resistance as your cadence decreases (or vice versa).

If you’re serious about getting fit and healthy in 2020, Wattbike Atom is serious about helping you hit your goals, and it’s surprisingly affordable.

• The Wattbike Atom comes with a 2 year guarantee, a 30 day return period, free delivery and is available now! (opens in new tab)

Wattbike Atom New Year training for the time poor

Wattbike Atom: New Year weight loss for the time poor

(Image credit: Wattbike)
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