Lead the charge in style with MindKoo’s Unicat wireless headphones

These kids' headphones look and sound great

While you were scouting out the hottest deals on sweat-proof headsets for yourself designed with running and gaming in mind, there’s a wishlist lingering in your child’s mind that’s gone unacknowledged. On it are a pair of headphones that look and feel great without compromising on sound quality as kids’ headphones typically do.

Now you could ignore this and opt to buy your kid a different gift — perhaps something cheaper because, let’s face it, a decent pair of stylish headphones can be ludicrously expensive. The good news is that there’s an economical alternative to the status quo. 

They’re called MindKoo Unicat wireless headphones, and they’re not nearly as costly as some of the other options out there. Better yet, should you act quickly, you can snatch them at a discount in time for the holidays. They may appear frivolous at first glance, but we assure you, MindKoo’s Unicat cans are anything but. 

Bedecked with four unique LED lighting modes, the MindKoo Unicat wireless headphones’ signature feat is their cat ear aesthetic that children of any age will approve of. You can even buy a pair for yourself if you feel left out in the comfort of your own home after your fashion sense is completely shown up by your kin.

Not sold yet? Let us change your mind. Now that virtually every kid on the planet has access to a smartphone, tablet or portable gaming device such as a Nintendo Switch, you might find that your own personal leisure time is inhibited by the built-in speakers in those aforementioned gadgets. After all, you can only hear Despacito so many times before it goes from song of the summer to total bummer. 

That’s where a solid pair of headphones come in, and MindKoo’s Unicat cans exhibit sublime performance paired with the wireless freedom of Bluetooth 4.2. That said, maybe you’re  concerned about the charging requirement that comes with the territory of Bluetooth headsets. 

In that case, consider yourself lucky that — with the MindKoo Unicat headphones — you’ll get up to 5 hours of uninterrupted, isolated audio or 8 hours with the LED lights powered off. And, speaking of LEDs, there are four different modes to choose from: all lights on, earmuffs’ light on, cat ears’ light on and all lights on and flashing.

Obviously, the latter is going to drain your battery more than the three other modes, not to mention powering off the headphone lighting completely. 

Still, you’re bound to always have a charging cable lying around the house since MindKoo’s Unicat wireless headphones take advantage of micro USB, the same standard widely used by Android phones and a vast range of peripherals to boot. Be that as it may, these MindKoo Unicat headphones give you the option to switch wireless and wired connections at any given time.

Otherwise, MindKoo Unicat wireless headphones are not only functional, but they’re comfortable as well, lending your child cushioned earphones with on-headset controls for playing music and answering calls. Best of all, for a limited time only, you can enter the promo code 72DMDJQD at checkout to cut 35% off the price of your MindKoo Unicat wireless headphone order. 

That discount is redeemable here at MindKoo, there by bringing your grand total to just over $23. If that’s not a steal for a gift that we guarantee will bring unmatched gratitude to your child’s face in the form of a smile, we don’t know what is. MindKoo’s Unicat wireless headphones are undoubtedly the one gift to rule them all this holiday, and they come at an irresistible price no less. 

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