iPhone 5c vs iPhone 5: What's changed?

How does Apple's new colourful device differ from the iPhone 5

So, you've read our iPhone 5c preview, learnt everything you need to know about the colourful device and now you're wondering whether it should become your smartphone of choice. But you're already packing an iPhone 5 – is it worth the upgrade? We're about to find out…

Does the iPhone 5c deserve your cash? Should you upgrade from your iPhone 5? Read on and find out...

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Apple iPhone 5c vs Apple iPhone 5: Build

The main difference between these two phones is easy to spot and mainly focuses on the build of the device. While the iPhone 5 was constructed out of aluminium – the same as the more expensive 5s, the 5c is built using one piece of sturdy polycarbonate plastic.

While initially plastic may not seem very Apple, it helps add an extra layer of durability to the device, especially as so many people ended up with scuffed up iPhone 5's after a few months of use.

The plastic, which is similar to what Apple used on the iPhone 3G and 3GS a few years ago, also enabled more creativity and the ability to ship the phone in a range of bright, solid colours. Apple has also bucked the trend by simply naming the colours after, well… the actual colour. You won't find Oatmeal Beige here; instead it's just white, green, pink, blue and yellow.

Glass still covers the front of the phone, so you can't be clumsy with it or you'll end up with a crack covered screen.

Under the plastic shell, the iPhone 5c is reinforced with a steel structure, adding an extra shot of durability. The downside of this though is the increase in weight, which rises from 112g on the iPhone 5 to 132g on the iPhone 5c.



Apple iPhone 5c vs Apple iPhone 5: Display

No differences in this department to speak of, both the iPhone 5c and the iPhone 5s boast the same 4-inch, quite tall display with a resolution of 640 x 1136 and a ppi of 326.

The iPhone 5 had a sharp display, which reproduced colour well and ensured text was pin-sharp. Viewing angles were impressive too and it's a breath of fresh air to see a phone stick to a relatively small display

Apple iPhone 5c vs Apple iPhone 5: Battery

Apple claim you should be able to get around 10 hours of 3G talk time from the 5c, a nice little improvement over the eight hours they quoted for the original 5. Standby time has been upped as well, leaping from 225 hours to 250 hours – another neat addition. We'll have to fully test the battery life of the colourful iPhone 5c when we do our full review.

Apple iPhone 5c vs Apple iPhone 5: Camera

We were big fans of the iSight camera on the iPhone 5. It took great snaps, in a range of conditions and with no fiddly menus to work through. Just flick up from the lock-screen and you're away. That same 8-megapixel camera is present on the 5c, with the same f/2.4 aperture and LED flash.

iOS7 does add some extra camera features, like live effects and a square shoot mode, but these will also be available on the iPhone 5. Image stabilisation has been added to video recording, so your 1080p movies will look a tad more professional.

A number of improvements though have been made to the HD FaceTime camera on the front. This now has an improved backside illuminated sensor, for better performance in darker conditions.

Apple iPhone 5c vs Apple iPhone 5: Connectivity

When the iPhone 5 shipped last year it was the first of Apple's smartphones to come touting 4G LTE connectivity. Fast forward a year and LTE in the UK has finally started to get moving, with Vodafone and O2 joining EE as the operators who currently provide the super fast service. The iPhone 5c brings with it support for more LTE bands, so you'll be able to use it on both O2 and Vodafone, something not possible with the 5.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS and the Lightning connector are all still present, as is the bottom mounted headphone port.

Apple iPhone 5c vs Apple iPhone 5: Processor

Both the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 5c have the same internals, comprising of a custom A6 chip and 1GB RAM. The iPhone 5 was a snappy beast – with everything from scrolling through menus to browsing web-pages being a pain-free experience.

Apple iPhone 5c vs Apple iPhone 5: iOS7

Apple announced that the iOS7 update will be downloadable from September 18, so you're iPhone 5 will benefit from all the new software features and redesigned look. There aren't any features in the software which will only work on the iPhone 5c as opposed to the iPhone 5.

Another useful addition, if you're planning on picking up a shiny new 5c, is that all iWork, iMovie and iPhoto apps will be free. You'd previously have to fork out over 20 quid for these.

Apple iPhone 5c vs Apple iPhone 5: Overall

Are you a fan of colourful phones? Are you happy with the internals of the iPhone 5? If you answered yes to both those questions then the iPhone 5c is the perfect device for you. It definitely is not the cheap phone many were expecting, but then Apple doesn't do cheap. Instead they've crafted a great looking device, still strongly specced that comes in at a slightly lower price point than the flagship iPhone 5s. We're sure this is going to sell in droves, while opening the Apple ecosystem up to a load of new people.

However, if you're already carrying an iPhone 5, there's really nothing here to make it worth shelling out the extra cash for, apart from the colourful coating.


16GB - £469

32GB - £549

Release date: September 20

Looking for a comparison of the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c? Check out the video below..