Digital declutter – how to spring clean your tech, from timely upgrades to purging passwords

Get your tech in shape to make sure your 2024 is as healthy as possible

Digital declutter
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We all start the new year with big expectations. Often a series of resolutions to be fitter, slimmer or more organised. But if you really want to stay on track in 2024, it’s not just you who needs to get in shape. For most of us, technology rules how we keep organised and  manage our time – whether at work or off the clock – so if your tech isn’t in order, what chance do you have?

This month is the ideal time to give your digital set-up some attention and ensure it is fit for purpose. Does your phone battery die halfway through the day? Are you constantly running out of storage space or data? Is your home internet slow or constantly losing connection? Not only could these things be slowing you down, but they could be causing you more stress too. 

Upgrading your phone or home Wi-Fi connection might be low on your list of priorities but a new handset or faster connection could do more than just give you bragging rights to your friends and family. And not that you always need to splash out either. Here are a few ways you can digitally declutter your life to make you and your technology perform better in 2024. 

 Update those old passwords 

When was the last time you updated your passwords online? Do you use the same one for multiple logins? It’s best practice to change your passwords at least once a year, in case of data leaks, and always avoid repeating the same password across multiple sites, as it could allow hackers to quickly gain access to all your accounts. 

Google Chrome and Apple’s iCloud both offer password managers to help suggest difficult-to-hack passwords, as well as providing a way of securely storing your passwords for future log-ins. You can also use third-party password managers to easily manage your passwords across multiple devices and between family members. If you prefer the manual approach, try picking three random words, and replacing some letters with numbers. 

If you can set your own Wi-Fi password, take the same approach, and change it regularly. Pick a phrase that isn’t easy to guess, or use a password manager to generate a random selection of numbers and letters. 


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 Back-up your data 

It’s easy to fill your laptop or phone storage over time, as you accumulate pictures, videos and files. When the storage gets too full you won’t be able to save anything else, and it can slow down the machine, making it feel sluggish. 

Backing up your data regularly protects your files in case your phone or laptop gets lost or broken, and provides a way to offload some of that old data that you still want to hang on to. There are lots of online storage solutions that keep your data on the cloud, making it easy to access if needed. Alternatively, local storage options such as thumb drives, external hard drives, SSDs and NAS drives, provide a safe offline solution. 

 Demand more data 

There’s nothing worse than running out of data on your phone before the end of the month. If you regularly stream movies and games on the move, or use your phone for work, you could find yourself eating through your data package quicker than you think. 

Buying extra data can work out more expensive, so a review of your current package could save you from stress, as well as save you cash in the long run. Your phone bill or network app should tell you how much data you have been using each month, so you can work out how much you actually need. 

You’ll find some great deals on unlimited data packages right now which means you never have to worry about how much data you use again. EE broadband customers can get as many unlimited data SIM packages as they need for just £10 each, so all the family can enjoy the unlimited data. 


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 Get a faster connection 

When you’re at home, your broadband takes care of all your data needs, but if you have a lot of devices connected it might be feeling the strain. Patchy video calls and buffering videos are frustrating at the best of times, but if you work from home, they can be a real issue. 

Fibre broadband connections not only provide lightning-fast connections, but they can handle a large number of devices at once. EE’s latest fibre broadband connection offers up to 1.6Gbps speeds, so even if your whole family are online, you’ll still be able to stream with ease. 

The new EE Smart Hub Plus has a WiFi Enhancer add-on that features a dedicated work mode to prioritise your working-from-home needs, while the Game Mode will boost the connection to ensure lag-free online gaming for your downtime. 

If you’re connecting via Wi-Fi, consider where your Wi-Fi router is placed, so that you can get the best signal, and therefore the best speed, from your router. If you have a larger home, consider Wi-Fi extenders or Mesh Wi-Fi networks to get plenty of signal across your whole house. 

 Upgrade your phone 

If you haven’t updated your handset in the last few years, you could be really missing out on some of the great features that the latest phones now offer. Flip phones like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 fold up small enough to fit in any pocket, while the Galaxy Z Fold 5 provides a giant screen that’s ideal for work or play when unfolded. 

With top-of-the-range handsets such as the iPhone 15 Pro Max and the brand-new Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, you can get incredible cameras, breathtaking screens and processing power that rivals most laptops. These incredible phones allow you to game, edit videos and photos, or watch your favourite content with ease. 

If you really want to get in shape in 2024, getting your digital health in order should be your first priority. So, don’t put off this digital health check any longer. 

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