Denon’s PerL and PerL Pro earbuds offer game-changing audio perfectly personalised to your hearing

Using advanced inner-ear calibration, Denon’s game-changing buds tailor your tunes to ensure you always hear them at their absolute best

A woman wearing the Denon PerL earbuds
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Highly commended for Best Wireless Earbuds at the 2024 T3 Awards, it’s difficult to ignore the hype for Denon PerL and PerL Pros. But what is driving that? Quite simply, these are the world’s first truly personalised earbuds. 

Whether you listen to music on your daily commute, on long-haul flights or while working up a sweat in the gym, you’re always going to want the absolute best sound quality you can get. But while many earbuds claim to offer this, they invariably deliver one-size-fits-all audio that doesn’t reflect the reality of how much our hearing varies from person to person. Fortunately, Denon’s buds can offer you truly personalised sound that actually calibrates to the way you hear.

Launched in white for the first time on 16 May, the award-winning Denon PerL and Denon PerL Pro recognise music is all about individuality and personal expression, which is why you need earbuds that are tailored to the way you actually hear sound. Their Personalised Listening tech – or PerL for short – adapts and optimises the audio you’re hearing through the use of inner-ear calibration to ensure your tunes sound their absolute best, whether you listen to rap, afrobeat or EDM.

“Music is so important for getting in the zone when I’m in the gym. Once you’ve tried them, you won’t go back to your old earbuds.” – Zack George, TV personality (Steel from Gladiators) and ‘King of Crossfit’

Once you’ve achieved a strong seal, the PerL earbuds use Otoacoustic Emissions to test your sensitivity to low, medium and high frequencies. Creating a unique user profile that is then saved to the app, this finesses the music you’re listening to match the way you actually perceive sound, offering levels of clarity unlike any other earbud you’ve tried and truly elevating the way you experience music.

“As an Artist, you want people to listen to music the way you make it. I’m listening to my music in the studio, in the car, with my over ears - I don’t know how they do it but I’m hearing things on my recordings I never knew were there.” – Krept, rapper and musician

  • Both feature an Immersion mode bar, which increases or deepens the bass – depending on how you like it.
  • You can also customise your welcome message, which greets you as you pop the buds in.
  • Recorded media will automatically stop when you take the PerLs out.

But those aren't the only groundbreaking feature the Denon PerL and Denon PerL Pro can offer you.

A man standing in front of a store front displaying the Denon PerL earbuds

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Denon PerL

On top of their trailblazing personalised listening tech, the £189 Denon PerL also offer Adaptive ANC (Active Noise Cancellation), which will allow you to block out the hum of aeroplane noise or the hustle of a busy coffee shop, or let in your surroundings when you’re crossing busy streets – Denon calls this ‘Social Mode’. They’re weather and sweat resistant, making them hardy enough to resist downpours and heavy gym sessions, while their combo of different tip and wing options mean you’ll always be able to find a secure comfortable fit. 

Don’t worry about your buds running out of charge during the day, as their battery life lasts six hours, with a further 18 hours in the case. And, finally, their rounded form is perfectly designed to support their customisable tap and touch sensitive controls. These allow you to adapt your listening experience even further, whether you want to tap once to activate ANC, twice to answer calls or three times to switch to the next track, it’s totally up to you.

A man wearing the Denon PerL earbuds

(Image credit: Denon)

Denon PerL Pro

Giving you an even more premium experience, the £299 Denon PerL Pro offer all of the personalised listening and features of the Denon PerL but pack in even more high-end audio features. First off, their Qualcomm aptX lossless audio offers truly CD-quality sound, making compressed, lower quality music a thing of the past. Additionally, the PerL Pro rock spatial audio courtesy of Dirac Virtuo that adds a whole new dimension to your sound, making it feel as immersive as listening to music live. And if you want to hone your audio further, they also feature EQ adjustment, allowing you to tune your audio just the way you want it.

On top of this, they’ll last you even longer than the Denon PerL, offering a huge eight hours of battery life and up to 24 hours more in the case. Lastly, they can connect to two devices simultaneously, meaning you no longer need to mess around with Bluetooth settings just because you want to switch between your phone and your tablet.

Elevate your listening experience. Discover the Denon PerL and Denon PerL Pro now.

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