The best gifts for students: send them off to uni in style

From practical gifts to fun stuff to get them through their student days, we’ve got a great list of gift ideas for giving them the best send off

The best gifts for students

Ah, the student days. Do we miss them? We’re not sure. If you’ve got children heading off to university this year, or you’re looking to buy your flatmate a gift they’ll love this semester, then look no further than our round up of gadgets, games and novelties that are sure to go down a treat. 

They’ve likely already sorted their essentials if they’re headed off to uni for the first time, so when thinking about the best gifts for students, get them something they want not something they need.

 As much as we all like to think they’ll be studying hard in lectures, we know this isn’t strictly true. 

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So, buying them a streaming device such as the Roku Premiere+ would be ideal for those nightly Netflix binges, and Cards Against Humanity will get them bonding with their dorm mates over the most inappropriate situations, what more could they want?

Our list has something for everybody from the foodie to the music lover, so check out the list below for some student gift inspiration. 

The best gift for students

1. Beats by Dr. Dre Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

Decent headphones for those intense study sessions

Reasons to buy

Some students just can’t focus without music. So if they’re in their final year and cramming in the library 24/7, these Beats headphones are guaranteed to get them through the day/night. The over ear design is comfy and they are wireless making it easy to walk around without tangling wires. 

Powered by Bluetooth, you can also answer calls, control music and activate Siri all with the on-ear controls. With up to 40 hours battery life, these headphones are guaranteed to see you through those all-nighters, and when you’re done with them they fold up neatly so they fit in your bag no problem. 

The Hungover Cookbook

2. The Hungover Cookbook

Make sure they’re eating well while away from home

Reasons to buy
+Easy to follow recipes

It’s likely that most students will experience their fair share of hangovers during their time at uni, and this funny cookbook will make sure they find just the thing to cure them and also make sure they’re eating something slightly more substantial than crisps and dip every day. 

The Hungover Cookbook is witty and will certainly make you smile even if you can’t stomach anything. A great novelty gift for foodies and terrible chefs alike.

Cards Against Humanity

3. Cards Against Humanity

Inappropriate but hilarious

Reasons to buy
+Not PC in any way shape or form

Cards Against Humanity is the infamous card game full of inappropriate comments and dark humour, the perfect combo for a night in with your flat mates. This is a great gift for students who love having games nights or who want a funny pre-drinking game. 

This new version has over 150 new cards to play with plus the original 500 and is specifically relevant for British culture. Buy this gift for your horrible friend.

JBL Flip 3

4. JBL Flip 3

A portable speaker for those pre parties and summer days

Reasons to buy
+10 hours battery life

Student digs wouldn’t be complete without a decent speaker to play your tunes on. This portable speaker is ideal for taking with you to the common areas or garden as it’s totally wireless and has up to 10 hours battery life. 

Whether you’re studying outdoors in the summer or getting ready to go out for the evening, the sound quality of this speaker is said to be very impressive. You can also sync it up to Bluetooth to take calls and it’s totally splash proof to the point where you can clean it by running it under the tap! 

Roku Premiere+

5. Roku Premiere+

The ultimate streaming device for binge watchers

Reasons to buy
+4K Quality

Watch just about anything on this streaming device which gives you access to over 350,000 movies and TV series. It boasts 4K quality so you can expect great performance from this device and it comes with an easy-to-use remote to navigate around your content. 

It’s said to connect smoothly and be easy to set up and users say there is a significant difference in brightness when using this device on their TV. Watch all your favourites from Netflix, Amazon Prime and other On Demand channels.

Russell Hobbs Black 17 Litre Cooler

6. Russell Hobbs Black 17 Litre Cooler

Have your own private stash off food and drinks in your room

Reasons to buy
+ 17L capacity 

Worried about your flatmates stealing your food? Then look no further than this mini fridge. Perfect for halls of residence or your bedroom in a shared flat. This mini fridge is quiet and can hold up to 17 litres worth of food and drink. 

It comes with a removable shelf and the size is suitable for most university regulations about fridges in rooms. So, if you know someone who’s struggling with a secret snack stealer at uni, this is one of the best gifts for students you can buy.

2018 Apple iPad 9.7

7. 2018 Apple iPad 9.7

A tablet that can be used for work and leisure

Reasons to buy
+Touch screen, keyboard and Apple pencil compatible 

An iPad is a great piece of tech that students can use for both work and leisure. Take notes, stream TV shows, listen to music, take photos. It does pretty much anything you might want it to. 

You can use this tablet in lectures with a detachable keyboard, or use it for other apps and programs with the Apple Pencil. If you’ve got an iPhone then sync with your mobile to accept calls and reply to texts, and surf the web with ease on this Wi-Fi enabled device.