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The best gifts for dad this Christmas

Dads are notoriously difficult to buy for, but don't turn to socks and smellies just yet. Let our list of the best gifts for dad this Christmas inspire you

Man wrapping a Christmas present

If there is one person whose Christmas gifts  you need to start planning early, it's your dad. Thankfully, there's no dad who you'll fail to find a perfect gift for with a little bit of time, preparation and some T3 inspiration. 

The world of fitness tech offers some great choices for dads in the form of golf watches and running watches, as do the worlds of entertainment and genealogy. For the times when dad says not to buy him anything because he has everything he needs, we've got a show-stopper gaming gift to make him say "wow". 

We've also included some options to help dad look and feel his best. If you do find yourself gravitating towards skincare and grooming gifts, we'll make sure your pick is a cut above a Lynx gift set from Boots. Sorry, Boots. 

The best gifts for dad: Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo Switch

Dad can play his favourite games at home or on the go with the innovative Nintendo Switch

Reasons to buy
+Play at home or on the move+Multiplayer console adds to the festivities +Great classic and new games available 
Reasons to avoid
-May not convert an Xbox or Playstation purist 

A handheld video game console, you say? Yes, we say! We can't stop raving about the Nintendo Switch, in fact we gave it five stars in our review, and so we think it's the best gift for dad this Christmas. 

The Nintendo Switch's unique selling point is that it is both a console and a portable gaming device, and you can pick right up where you left on one on the other. 

There are three gaming modes: playing on your television like an ordinary console, play tabletop, or play handheld, like you would a phone or Game Boy. However you play (or dad, let's not forget we're shopping for him here), there are hours of fun to be had.

The graphics may not be on par with an Xbox One or PS4, but the Nintendo Switch takes the best parts of older Nintendo tech (think the Wii and the 3DS) to create a smooth, easy to handle, unbelievably fun to play console. 

You can buy the console on its own, or as a bundle, where you get some games too. Available games include The Legend of Zelda, FIFA and Super Mario Odyssey. 

The best gift for dad: TomTom Golfer 2

TomTom Golfer 2

Still the best gift for golf-loving dads

Reasons to buy
+Over 40,000 courses ready to go +Autoscore card keeps dad on track 
Reasons to avoid
-Not the highest spec gold GPS watch on the market 

How many times as your dad told you that golf is more than a hobby or a game? Rather than trying to figure out what kind of club or driver he might want to try next – this is far too complicated for uninitiated to tackle – instead  pick up something to help improve his performance that he won't have thought of. 

A golf GPS will improve dad's golfing game thanks to hazard alerts, course mapping and distance calculations, well as hole by hole post game analysis. 

The truth is that Garmin leads the way with golf GPS watches in the form of the Approach S40 premium watch, which you might want to look at if dad is already a pro. Otherwise, this watch from TomTom still has all the necessary features for a fraction of the cost. 

It comes with over 40,000 courses pre-loaded,  has an eight hour battery life and is waterproof. 

If you want to know more about the other best golf GPS watches we recommend, check out the list below. 

The best gifts for dad: 23andMe DNA testing kit

(Image credit: 23andMe)

23andMe Testing Kit

Go back in time for a gift for the dad who has everything

Reasons to buy
+Incredibly detailed results +Data is kept up to date 
Reasons to avoid
-Provides more information than some would want 

If your dad is a bit of a history buff, or is working his way through building your family tree, a DNA testing kit is the perfect gift for him this Christmas. It's a truly unique gift that he's unlikely to have thought about buying for himself, making it all the more special. 

There a lot of different DIY DNA testing kits to choose from, with some offering health data as well as ancestry data. Our number one choice, 23andMe, does just that. The test can tell dad all about his ethnic background and where his family comes from across the globe, but it can also provide information on health factors. 

Details on whether dad carries genes associated with health risks may dampen the festive cheer, but we love that this test can detail fun traits like a genetic fear of heights, and that the results are presented in multiple different, easy to digest ways.

Whichever kit you go for, they are simple for dad to use from the comfort of his armchair, and he'll have the results in weeks. 

To find out more about how DNA testing kits work, read our guide to the best DNA testing kits.

The best gift for dad: TomTom Runner 3 Cardio

TomTom Runner 3 Cardio

Help dad run towards a fitter new year

Reasons to buy
+iOS/Android companion app+Built-in HR monitoring+Activity and calories tracking

Christmas overindulgence is usually followed by a health kick, but by mid-January the park is devoid of once-eager runners. If you want dad to stick to his new fitness regime, call on TomTom’s Runner 3 Cardio.

The running watch features a built-in heart rate monitor to keep tabs on cardio performance, while on-board GPS tracking measures time, distance, speed, pace and route to deliver live stats as he pounds the pavement. 

Even when he’s not breaking a sweat the TomTom Runner 3 Cardio measures daily steps, active minutes, distance, calories burned and sleep with the TomTom Sports app on-hand to manage activities and chart progress.

If running isn't his bag, the 40m waterproof TomTom Runner 3 Cardio tracks other sports including cycling and swimming.

The best gifts for dad: T3 magazine subscription

T3 magazine subscription

The ultimate guide to the gadget lifestyle

We may be biased, but indulge us on this one. 

Every month, T3 magazine reveals the best tech you never knew you needed to know about, and you can get it direct to your door before each issue hits the stops. It’s filled cover-to-cover with with gadgets that will genuinely make your life better, from TVs that give your favourite movies new life, to smart home gear that saves you time and money, to ways to make your commute more bearable, to cutting-edge new developments. 

Our relentless focus on quality means we only recommend the creme de la creme, and there’s guaranteed to be something in every issue that will change your world.

The best gift for dad: Philips One Blade Pro

Philips One Blade Pro

The ultimate do-it-all razor

Reasons to buy
+Shave wet or dry+14 trimming lengths+90 minutes use from 1 hour charge 

The Philips OneBlade Pro is the ultimate accessory when it comes to grooming tech. 

Help dad achieve exactly the style he wants to kick start 2020 with thanks to an unbelievable 14 lock-in length settings. He can get everything from a rugged 5 o'clock shadow to a long but neat and tidy beard. 

It's also ergonomically designed to be comfortable to use, and offers dual protection in the form of a glide coating plus with rounded tips. The OneBlade is particularly good for men who suffer with sensitive skin as the blade won’t get too close to his skin, making the shave comfortable and rash free.

Practically speaking, it's a winner too. There's a LED digital display that will alert dad when the battery is low, and – our favourite nifty feature – a  travel lock so dad can take the OneBlade wherever he goes without setting it off in transit! 

The best gift for dad: Uniquebella Suit Cover Bag

Uniquebella Suit Cover Bag

For dapper dads who want to look good on the move

Reasons to buy
+2 in 1 suit bag and duffel bag +Separate shoe compartment+Waterproof 

Christmas is a time for parties, family gatherings and after work drinks, keeping your formal wear in high demand. So whether your dad usually wears a suit to work or not, this suit cover from Uniquebella is a great Christmas gift.

It's waterproof and tear-resistant so it can withstand even the roughest British commute, and there's an exterior pocket that provides quick access to essentials like travel documents or electronics. 

On the inside hangers and ties have their own clips or a hook to keep them firmly in place, and there's even a small zip up section for a necktie. 

What we love about it most is that it's not only a suit cover. Oh no, it doubles up as a duffel bag, meaning it can easily double up as a gym bag, or overnight bag for work trips or weekends away. 

The best gifts for dad: Bulldog Skincare for Men set

(Image credit: Bulldog)

Bulldog Skincare for Men set

Help his skin stay in tip top condition this winter

Reasons to buy
+Simple, honest skincare+Smells great 
Reasons to avoid
-Not a very personal gift

There's nothing wrong with the classic choice of giving your dad toiletries at Christmas, if you go for something he'll want to use.  

Bulldog specialises in skincare for men made simple, with effective products that cater for all skin types. 

It's often true that original is the best, so if you're unsure of what to get dad this year why not treat him to a Bulldog Skincare set featuring the original face wash, face scrub and moisturiser? The face wash and scrub will help keep his skin clean and clear, whilst the moisturiser will hydrate the skin and help it stay soft in the winter weather.

No frills and no fuss, these products have a gentle formula blended with essential oils including citrus-y lemon, lime and bergamot alongside cedarwood and earthy vetiver.  

The best gifts for dad: KJUS Trace Stretch-Jersey Half-Zip Ski Mid-Layer

(Image credit: KJUS)

KJUS Trace Stretch-Jersey Half-Zip Ski Mid-Layer

A real winter treat for dads who love adventure

Reasons to buy

Whether exploring the great outdoors is a favourite pastime that you share with your dad, or it's something he does when to unwind by himself, show him you care this Christmas with a gift to make the experience more enjoyable.

Luxury Swiss brand KJUS specialise in winter sportswear, including skiwear. If your dad is a fan of skiing, or any other outdoor sport, this lightweight, comfortable base layer will help him stay warm while on the slopes, but looking incredibly stylish off them. 

The best gifts for dad: MontBlanc Extreme Business Card Holder

(Image credit: MontBlanc)

MontBlanc Extreme Business Card Holder

An effortlessly cool and practical gift for dad

Reasons to buy
+Stylish woven-leather look+Durable and scuff-resistant 
Reasons to avoid
-Only two card slots

We love the woven look of this leather cardholder from MontBlanc. It's classic, but the cross-hatch pattern gives it a modern edge, as well as making it resistant to scratches and scuffs. 

It's slimline, with two card slots and a receipt pocket. There are no frills when it comes to the design, but what sets this cardholder above the rest is the quality of the material and the gorgeous design. 

Yes it's a little fancy (and a little pricey), but if you're looking for the best gift for your dad this Christmas, this card holder makes the cut. 

The best gifts for dad: Triton TRA100

(Image credit: Triton)


Nothing says ‘Merry Christmas’ like power tools

Reasons to buy
+The best wood router on the market+2400 watt 
Reasons to avoid
-Heavy - 6kg

We haven't forgotten about dads who just love DIY, and look forward with eager anticipation to what power tool Christmas 2019 will bring. 

Last year our list of the best Christmas gifts for dad featured a cordless jigsaw, and previously we included our favourite sander. This year we've upped the ante again, with a wood router.  

Wood routers are designed, unsurprisingly, for wood work. With one of these machines, dad will be free to trim, shape and hollow out wood. Importantly, despite spinning at 30,000+rpm, wood routers are designed not to cause friction that otherwise could lead to sparking a fire. 

Our top pick is from Triton, and it's a hell of a machine. Yes it is heavy, but it's powerful, robust, and has several safety features to protect the user. 

Moreover, you can get mum onside too thanks to the tool's dust extraction feature keeps the space dad is working in clean. 

If you're new to the world of wood routers (where have you been?), it's worth noting that Triton is a trusted brand, and that less than £300 is a reasonable price, especially for one of this calibre and power.