Audi and Honor: how incredible power means extraordinary performance

With cutting-edge tech, Audi and Honor have plenty in common

The Honor Play and the Audi R8 have a lot in common. Both use cutting-edge tech to deliver extraordinary performance. Both push the very limits of what’s possible. And both deliver unforgettable experiences.

No wonder they’ve teamed up.

Ultimate power

Honor is the official partner of the Audi Sport R8 RMS Cup. The Audi R8 LMS is a masterpiece of engineering, its V10 engine combining efficiency and power to deliver truly extraordinary performance – just like the GPU Turbo technology in the Honor Play.

Both Audi and Honor know that there’s more to performance than sheer power. The Audi R8 LMS sets new standards in lightweight design, its super-light Space Frame chassis cutting weight. That means the power is delivered more efficiently: with less weight to propel around the track, the Audi R8 LMS maximises the power from the V10 engine when it really starts to sing.

That’s the approach Honor has taken with GPU Turbo too. IT combines hardware and software to optimise the GPU performance, upping graphics processing by up to 60% while also reducing energy usage by up to 30%. That means the Honor Play delivers incredible performance, faster frame rates and less jitter – all for a fraction of the price of its overpowered, inefficient rivals. Factor in 4D gaming with Smart Shock technology and extraordinarily immersive audio and you’ve got a phone that’s crazy fast and crazy smart.

Smooth as silk

Anybody can strap a jet engine to a car and make it go fast, at least for a while. Making a car that delivers incredible performance as well as incredible handling and a silky-smooth driving experience in any environment and any conditions is much harder. That’s what the Audi R8 LMS does: it’s a pussycat on the road and a tiger on the track.

It’s the same with the Honor Play. GPU Turbo doesn’t just open the throttle when your games need all of its power, although of course it does that beautifully. It also delivers super-smooth video, enthralling AR and vivid VR too, and its Neural Processing Unit (NPU) makes AI-enabled applications run much more quickly.

Everyday tasks are smoother, more streamlined and more efficient, and the same battery technology that enable you to game for longer also means a battery that’ll outlast even the most demanding days: you can expect one and a half days of heavy usage. The Honor Play may be a pocket rocket, but it’s also a smooth operator.

For the brave

To celebrate its partnership with Audi, Honor is launching a special Player Edition of the Honor Play. Inspired by the Audi R8 LMS, it delivers the cutting-edge GPU Turbo, NPU and artificial intelligence camera technology in a brand new design that echoes the Audi’s sleek lines and vivid colours. It brings exceptional technology to your every day, just like the R8 LMS.

The Audi R8 LMS might be a little out of your reach, but the Honor Play Player Edition isn’t: while it delivers flagship performance, it’s a fraction of the price of its rivals. To find out more about how the Player Edition can give your gaming the edge, click here.

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