3 ways that Hotpoint's Maxi Space range can wash more of your dishes, more thoroughly

Tired of having to wash up half of your dishes by hand? These spacious next-gen dishwashers from AO.com will allow you to bin the marigolds once and for all

Hotpoint integrated dishwasher
(Image credit: AO/Hotpoint)

A dishwasher can be a lifesaver, rescuing you from spending an hour a day scrubbing casserole dishes and grill pans. But if you have a family or regularly throw dinner parties, you’ll know clearing up after a meal can rapidly devolve into a game of crockery Tetris, where you juggle plates and cutlery to squeeze it all into a single load. Fortunately, AO.com and Hotpoint are on hand to help – their range of powerful, high-capacity dishwashers can help make short work of your stacks of washing up.

For example, Hotpoint’s Maxi Space range can provide the extra space between racks to enable you to fit even bulky items into a single cycle. But how else can AO and Hotpoint help you wash more dishes, more thoroughly? Here are just a handful of features offered by the Hotpoint Maxi Space dishwasher range.

Hotpoint Maxi Space

We’ve all been there. You’re nearly done stacking the dishwasher after dinner and you suddenly find that whacking great wok or long-stem wine glasses don’t fit. But relax: the days of having to scrub half your crockery by hand are past. Hotpoint’s Maxi Space dishwashers can provide you 10% extra usable space between racks compared to Hotpoint models with standard tubs – perfect for helping you to squeeze in all your pots and pans after a roast.

Hotpoint dishwasher available at AO

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Hotpoint Hydroforce 3rd rack

Having a third rack in your dishwasher is certainly handy for squeezing in more items like mugs, bowls and utensils. But loading those kinds of items so far from your dishwasher’s bottom spray jets can make it harder to get them clean. Fortunately, Hotpoint has introduced an innovative feature: the first spray jets on the market that are also integrated into the third rack. No need to worry about leftover bran or tea stains clinging to your cups and dishes – Hotpoint’s Hydroforce 3rd rack tech will make short work of it!

Hotpoint 3D Zone Wash

Dislodging baked-on foods like Lasagne from your casserole dishes is never fun. If you want to save on time – not to mention elbow grease – it’s worth checking out a dishwasher with Hotpoint’s powerful 3D Zone Wash feature. The independent spray system at the bottom of the tub jets out water with up to 80% more power than standard modes, meaning you can breathe easy knowing even kitchenware with crusted-on food will come out spotlessly clean.

Hotpoint dishwashers available at AO

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So why should you look to pick up a Hotpoint Maxi Space dishwasher from AO.com? Well AO has received hundreds of thousands of glowing reviews for a reason. Its price match guarantee means that if you find any of its products cheaper, elsewhere AO will match it. That means you can always be sure you’re getting the best price for your purchase.

There’s also no longer any need to wait around all day for your dishwasher to turn up. Thanks to the flexible delivery slots it offers seven days a week*, you can make sure that your new machine comes at a time that’s convenient for you. Need your dishwasher in a hurry? Next-day delivery means it can be on your doorstop tomorrow. And you’ll no longer feel left out of the loop with what’s going on with your delivery – you’ll receive regular notifications from your delivery team and you can even reach out to your driver if you need an update.

Interested in purchasing a Hotpoint dishwasher? Check out the full Hotpoint Maxi Space range now.


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