10 reasons the LG G6 is the ultimate holiday camera

You'll be the envy of the office, and not because of your tan

When you go on holiday you're going to want to take the ultimate device for taking pictures, in the past, this meant a bulky DSLR or compact camera. But we think LG’s latest flagship smartphone, the G6, with its dual rear camera and wide angle lens is the way to go. 

Here are 10 reasons the LG G6 is the perfect holiday companion.

1. It's two cameras in one

Okay, this is one of the headline features of the phone, the LG G6 features two innovative 13MP cameras, one with an ultra wide angle, 125-degree lens, and the other with a more telephoto 71-degree lens. 

In non-geeky camera talk, the wide angle lens is perfect for landscapes and scenic shots, while the telephoto is more suited to portraits and food photography. You can switch between the two instantly, making this twice as capable as a traditional smartphone camera. 

You've also got the 5MP front facing camera and 4K video, so really, it's four cameras in one!

2. It'll capture the entire horizon

We can't stress how much of a difference the wide angle camera makes to shots. It allows you to capture more of that beautiful red and gold sunset, more skyscrapers in that cityscape, and more friends in the group shot.

3. You can take it in the pool

The G6 is built for those unexpected moments, with an IP68 rating, it's protected from dust and water up to 1.5 metres deep for 30 minutes.

Perfect when you decide to jump in the pool at a party, or when the waves are slightly larger than expected. We'd like to see your eight year old DSLR survive that. 

4. It can take scenic selfies with the front facing camera

We all love taking selfies, but do you really want the only memories of a holiday to be a bunch of JPEGs with your face filling the screen? They could be taken anywhere! 

The G6 doesn't just have a wide angle rear facing camera, it has a 100⁰ wide angle front facing snapper as well, so selfies include some of the amazing scenery in the background, as well as your good side. 

Taking those scenic selfies really is effortless as well, with a front facing camera which automatically snaps a picture when a face is in frame - no buttons required - it's a narcissist's dream! 

Oh, and there's also gesture control, so you don't have to contort your hand to press the shutter button and risk dropping your phone. It'll also automatically transition between camera mode and preview mode automatically when phone is lowered.

5. You can share snaps instantly

Let’s not forget that the LG G6 is also a fantastic phone, with all the connectivity options of a modern device, including Wi-Fi and 4G. That means you can instantly share your pics with jealous friends and family back home, without needing to worry about SD cards, cables, and computers.

6. It'll help you take better shots with Square Camera

The Square Camera app uses the G6’s large screen to help you create stunning images and collages. In Guide Shot mode you're given an overlay to help with composition, making sure you have the most aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed around. 

There's also Snapshot, which will let you instantly preview images without leaving the camera, Match Shot, which creates cool double exposures, and Grid Shot, which creates a collage of photos and video.

7. Record the night life

Not only is the G6’s camera a stand out performer in daylight, it'll also continue capturing stunning images after the sun has gone down.

A wide F/1.8 aperture and optical image stabilisation will help you take clear and crisp low light shots, free from blur with as much detail as light will allow.

8. You have full control with Manual mode

If you were being belligerent, you could argue that traditional cameras give you more manual control. Well guess what? You’d be wrong! 

With the LG G6’s Manual camera mode, you’re given complete control over how the images turn out, with the ability to adjust setting such as shutter speed, ISO, and white balance. This gives you complete creative control and allows you to be a bit more artistic with your holiday snaps.

9. It’s more than just a camera

Let's face it, there's always a bit of down time on holidays, either when you're at the hotel, or waiting for a flight, these can be whiled away by playing games, reading books, or watching Netflix. Traditional cameras are very good at doing one thing, taking pictures, but try watching Netflix on one and you'll quickly realise how limited they actually are. The LG G6 will keep you entertained when you're not out taking pictures. 

In fact, the G6 is a cut above other smartphones when it comes to entertainment as well - being the only smartphone display that supports Dolby Vision™ which is now available on Netflix . 

10. Images look amazing on the 18:9 FullVision™ screen

When you're back home, showing off your pictures to friends and family, you want a great screen to display them on. Well, luckily the LG G6 has one of those as well. Pictures will really stand out on this sharp and colourful 5.7-inch QHD FullVision™ display. Perfect for reliving the memories over and over again. 

Find out more about the LG G6 here

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