Lifesystems Intensity 370 LED hand torch review: a small but mightily bright handheld torch

Need to light up the night? Lifesystems' Intensity 370 LED hand torch packs a very bright light and a decent battery life

Lifesystems Intensity 370 LED hand torch review
(Image credit: Lifesystems)
T3 Verdict

A small and affordable torch that still packs a punch, Lifesystems Intensity 370 LED hand torch boasts a bright highest setting for a non-professional torch, plus a decent battery life and adjustable beam. All in all, we think it does a stand-up job for a handheld torch – well worth having handy about the house.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Very bright

  • +

    Light and slim design

  • +

    Adjustable beam width

  • +

    Healthy battery life of 60 hours

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Not rechargeable

  • -

    No hand grip

Everyone needs a handheld torch to stash in the car, the garage or a pocket when needed – and the Lifesystems Intensity 370 LED Hand Torch (opens in new tab) is here to prove that small, pocket-friendly torches can still be very bright indeed. The Intensity has a max lumens (lumens are the measure of a light's brightness) of 370, which is definitely brighter than your average handheld design, and its beam can also be adjusted. Promising – so how does this compare to today's best torches? We put it through its paces to find out. Read on for our full Lifesystems Intensity 370 LED Hand Torch review.

Lifesystems Intensity review: design and features

Lifesystems Intensity torch: specs

Brightness: Up to 370 lumens
Lighting modes:
Waterproofing: IPX6
Power: 2 x AA batteries
Weight: 150g

As the 'Intensity' part of its name suggests, this torch stands out for the brightness of its beam. The brightness of torches is measured in lumens – we usually recommend going above 150 lumens for decent visibility at night, so this torch goes above and beyond. It also offers a good battery life – we recommend a battery life of at least 10 hours, and the Intensity boasts a healthy 60 in its lower intensity settings. This torch isn't rechargeable, which is a pity, as batteries are a less environmentally-friendly option – you'll need two AA batteries to charge it.

Lifesystems Intensity 370 LED Hand Torch review: performance

The Intensity 370 feels slim and easy to hold in the hand. It weighs 170g, which isn't as lightweight as other pocket-sized torches, but it still won't feel heavy to hold for longer bursts of time, like hefty car torches can. We'd have liked a rubber grip rather than just plastic, which can feel a bit hot and sweaty. There's also a fabric strap for making sure you keep the torch with you, or for clipping it to your belt. 

The Intensity's highest setting really is blindingly bright, and can illuminate the landscape up to 100ft away. You're unlikely to need that kind of brightness that often, but it's easy to click between five light modes, including flashing, and you can easily adjust the width of the beam. The 370 lumens mode isn't bright enough to work as a professional or tactical choice, but then again, pro torch models are usually far more expensive than the Intensity. 

Lifesystems Intensity torch review: verdict

The Lifesystems Intensity 370 LED Hand Torch is a simple but effective design – it's very bright yet pocketable and easy to hold. Its slim build, adjustable beam and decent price tag make this a sensible torch to have handy in your kitchen drawer, your workshop or your camping kit. 

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