Lego's 4,000 piece Old Trafford set brings the theatre of dreams to your living room

Are you Gunnar buy it?

Lego Old Trafford
(Image credit: Lego Group)

Possibly the only people more passionate than Lego fans are football fans, and now the two are coming together. Well, they are for Man Utd fans, at least.

The Lego Creator Expert Old Trafford is a 3,989 recreation of the 110-year-old stadium, complete with Holy Trinity statue out the front and Munich Clock.

As part of the Creator Expert range, this is a fiddly build intended for adults or older teens, with the end result aimed at being as close to realism as possible (with Lego twists, of course).

Look inside the stadium and you'll see the full pitch, with goals (cleverly made from see-through pieces) and even differently-shaded squares on the pitch. All the branding on the stands is included, along with every architectural detail.

It's built to a 1:600 scale, and sits at 6.5 inches high, 18 inches long and 15 inches wide when finished.

It costs £249.99, and is available at the Lego Store online now.

Here's a video of Peter Schmeichel delivering a set to the full-size Old Trafford – because why not? – followed by a load more pictures, to help you decide if this is the big transfer you've been hoping for.