How to download NordVPN onto your device

Here's how to download, install and set up NordVPN on all your devices

Download NordVPN
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Tens of millions of people globally use virtual private networks to browse the web privately, secure their Wi-Fi networks, unblock geo-restricted websites, shop around for the best online deals, and many other activities.

If you’re thinking of downloading a VPN service, you might have come across NordVPN. It’s one of the best VPN solutions available on the market thanks to a large server network, an extensive suite of features, impressive performance, great customer support, and so much more.

The other great thing about NordVPN is it offers easy-to-use apps for all major platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, and many other devices. But how do you download NordVPN and install it on your different devices? Read on to find out. 

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Why should I download NordVPN? 

If you’re thinking about downloading NordVPN, you might be wondering what makes it so special and what benefits it’ll offer. For starters, it provides access to over 5400 high-speed VPN servers in 59 countries across the world. You can use them for unblocking top streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, and many more.

In addition to a large server network and the ability to unblock major streaming sites like Netflix, NordVPN also offers multi-platform apps, a strict no-logging policy, a kill switch, split tunneling, Double VPN, malware and advert blockers, browser extensions, a DNS leak test, support for up to six device connections, a 24/7 live chat, and many other excellent features. With prices starting at around $3.71 per month, it happens to be one of the most affordable VPN services, too. 

Where should I download NordVPN from? 

Should you like the sound of all these different features, you’re probably questioning where you can download the NordVPN app. 

The best place to download NordVPN is via its official website, where you’ll be able to learn more about NordVPN, choose and sign up for a premium subscription, and then download the app onto your device. 

While you can download NordVPN directly from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, you’ll receive more benefits when downloading the NordVPN apps from its website. For example, you’ll be able to find different offers and save money on a premium NordVPN subscription. 

Plus, you’ll get a 30-day money-back guarantee after signing up for a subscription via the NordVPN website. So, if things don’t work out, you can get your money back within the first month.

How to download NordVPN and install it onto my PC 

Now that you have a better understanding of what NordVPN can offer and where you should download it, you no doubt want to know how to download and install the service on your device.

First things first, then, head directly to NordVPN and choose the best plan for you to sign up to. We always recommend its two-year plan, where you get an amazing value monthly rate. 

Once you're all signed up, head to the dashboard, click on 'Download Apps' on the right hand side of your page.

Download NordVPN

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It should detect the device you're using, but if not scroll down and find the 'Download NordVPN for Windows' version. This is available on any Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 computers.

Download NordVPN

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Clicking on 'Download the NordVPN app' will then trigger the NordVPNSetup.exe file to download. Once this is done, you can start the very simple installation process.

Download NordVPN

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Once you’ve double-clicked on the NordVPN setup file, you’ll likely see a message asking you to provide permission for NordVPN to make changes to your PC. Assuming you’re fine with this, you can press 'Yes' to proceed to the next step.

Download NordVPN

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When the installation page appears, it'll ask you where to install the folder for NordVPN. All you need to do is press 'Next'.

Download NordVPN

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On the next page, you’ll be asked whether you’d like a NordVPN shortcut to be displayed on your desktop or the Start menu. You can tick both boxes or just choose one of them, depending on your preferences.

Download NordVPN

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Now, the NordVPN app will install on your PC. When it’s installed, you’ll see a page asking if you’d like to launch NordVPN. Simply press 'Finish', and it'll open straight away.

When the NordVPN app launches, you’ll see a login page. Here, you can sign in to your NordVPN account with the username and password you created during the signup stage.

After logging into your NordVPN account, you’ll see the main user interface containing a list of international VPN servers, an interactive VPN server map, and a quick-connect button. You can use any of these facilities to find and connect to a VPN server anywhere in the world.

How to download NordVPN on other devices 

If you want to download NordVPN on a different device, you’ll be happy to learn that it offers apps for Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, and many other operating systems. You can find and download any of NordVPN’s various apps by heading to this webpage, or via the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

NordVPN also provides clear and easy-to-read setup guides for the different platforms and devices it supports, including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux. Something to bear in mind is that you can quickly get answers to any questions via the 24/7 live chat offered by NordVPN. 

Along with a live chat, NordVPN also has a dedicated help page on its website. Here, you'll find a range of frequently asked questions, how-to guides, and other information to help you get the most out of NordVPN. 

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