White PS3 Slim 320GB UK launch set for October?

160GB PS3 Slim also rumoured to be UK-bound

New PS3 console could land just in time for the festive season

Sony is tipped to launch 160GB and 320GB versions of its PS3 Slim console into the UK market this October according to a source from a major UK retailer.

Speaking to Play-Mag, the unnamed source claims that the new models currently only available in Japan, will be in UK stores just in time for Christmas, with the 160GB version expected to arrive with a 'tempting, economical price point'.

The same source also tipped the gaming site off about the PS3 price drop last year which was later confirmed at GamesCon, adding a little more substance to the arrival of a new PS3 console in the near future.


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The 320GB and 160GB PS3 consoles feature a 'classic white' design in Japan, but the tipster could not confirm whether the console would come in the lighter shade or stay true to its iconic monolithic black roots.

Current PS3 Slim models available in the UK boast a maximum 250GB storage, so an extra 70GB would surely come in handy. While a white PS3 certainly sounds like it would give the console serious tech appeal, like a pair of new trainers, we fear it will be fighting the dirty smudges within days.

Link: Play-Mag