White iPhone 4 spotted in UK Apple Store

News report shows customers with unreleased handset

Sky News teases Apple fans with shots of customers walking away with white iPhone 4s.

UPDATE: white iPhone 4 UK sighting mystery solved.

The news report, shot at the launch of the new iPhone 4 at the Regent Street Apple Store, shows an interview with an early adopter of the new device talking through its features. Nothing out of the ordinary about that, you might think. But what's interesting is that the model she's holding is the mythical white version - not due to be released officially in the UK until the second half of July.

Apple announced before the iPhone 4 launch that the white model would be delayed in the UK, saying that the phone had "proven to be more difficult to manufacture than expected", but has been pretty cagey about which technical features of the colour white are proving so challenging.

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There's been much speculation about these manufacturing difficulties, with many remembering that the iPhone 4's predecessor, the 3GS, had problems with discolouration in the white version. However, we reckon there's a better chance that this is just a case of too much demand and too little time - the UK having reportedly only received a paltry 16,000 black iPhone 4s for the handset's launch last Thursday.

How the customers in the video managed to get their hands on the white version is, for now, a mystery, and others with their hearts set on owning one will have to wait until late July for the official release.

You can see a YouTube copy of the Sky News report here.