Wdyl.com: Google lets you search itself

New portal lets you scour Google services for what you need

But has the search giant gone too far?

What do you love: it’s a new service from Google that brings all its services together in one place. In other words, Google’s letting you search itself. It’s like a normal search, but only showing Google results.

So enter a term, and you’re presented with results from Product Search, Google Trends letting you measure the popularity of your search term on the web, you can explore your result in 3D using SketchUp, make a photo album using Picasa, translate it using Google Translate... you get the idea.

A zoomed out version of the site on the left lets you jump down the grid to see patent searches, Google Voice, Youtube, Google Earth, etc.

It’s a great one stop shop for all your Google needs, but critics may question if it's gone too far. A regular Google search will show up most of these options, while including competitors’ services too.

What do you think? A next-gen search engine, or has Google gone too far? Let us know via Facebook or Twitter.

Via: Engadget and Techcrunch