iPhone 5 to destroy Samsung Galaxy S3 on release date?

The Samsung Galaxy S3's reign will be over once the iPhone 5 shows up, says Foxconn CEO

iPhone 5 release date will see Apple's upcoming blower put Samsung's Galaxy S3 to shame, according to Foxconn CEO Terry Gou

Foxconn's CEO Terry Gou has urged consumers not to purchase Samsung's newly-released Galaxy S3 and to wait for Apple's iPhone 5 instead, as it will put the Korean manufacturer's handset "to shame," AppleInsider reports.

The upcoming iPhone has reportedly undergone a massive redesign, with some rumours pointing towards a larger screen.

The CEO’s statement was given at his company's annual stockholder meeting, with his comments only concisely referring to the Cupertino firm's upcoming blower.

He also referenced a series of business strategies that can well see his company "beat" Samsung in several electronics markets.

In addition, an article on WebProNews reports that Apple has recently approved a series of new patents which includes drawings that match up with the recent gossip surrounding the upcoming smartphone.

The patent shows a basic iPhone design but with a string of differences, including the camera, which appears to be positioned above the ear speaker, as opposed to next to it.

Furthermore, the docking port appears to be considerably narrower compared to the usual slits found underneath the earlier models of the iPhone.

The latter difference agrees with rumours that Apple is working on a 19 pin connector, but there is some variation from current rumours as an audio jack is placed in the same spot as before and not at the bottom as speculation suggested.

The screen size looks like it has also had a slight redesign as it seems proportionally larger than the 3.5-inch display on the current models; a previous rumour stated the iPhone 5 will reportedly have a 4-inch screen to achieve a longer display.

However, this application was originally reviewed in 2008 so it could just be an uncovered image of an earlier prototype that will never see the light of day.

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