Tech Today: Steve Jobs set to show at iPhone 5 launch?

Plus: iPhone 3GS to live on? BT Broadband suffers huge outage

On the eve of Apple's iPhone launch event in Cupertino, reports suggest former CEO Steve Jobs may be in attendance, while another old campaigner the iPhone 3GS is set to continue its legacy. Meanwhile, Sony Ericsson bemoans its failure to react to the iPhone craze, while Microsoft makes one more push to make Hotmail famous again.

Steve Jobs to appear at iPhone launch event
Reuters is reporting that departed Apple CEO Steve Jobs is "expected" to make an appearance at the iPhone launch event at Cupertino tomorrow. New devices are expected to be unveiled by Jobs' successor Tim Cook, but Jobs who left his position at the head of the company in August due to ill health may still make an appearance on stage during the event, which kicks off at 6pm UK time on Tuesday.
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Apple iPhone 3GS to live on?
Despite the likely launch of a new iPhone on Tuesday, the company is likely to keep selling the third generation handset, according to a report on AppleInsider. Analyst Mike Abramsky, who works with RBC Capital Markets reckons that the iPhone 4's subsidised price will drop, while the 28-month-old 3GS will be offered free on contract by many carriers.
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Sony Ericsson rues underestimating iPhone
The current CEO of Sony Ericsson, Bret Nordberg admits that the company failed to react to the launch of the iPhone back in 2007. Nordberg told the Wall Steet journal that "it's safe to say that Sony Ericsson should have taken the iPhone more seriously when it arrived in 2007." Sony Ericsson was, at that time, topping the pile with its Walkman and CyberShot phones, which fell by the wayside when the iPhone revolution changed the industry.
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Hotmail gets an Android app, adds new features
Microsoft held a press event on Monday encouraging users to "take another look at hotmail," during which it announced an Android app and updates to its web interface. The 365m remaining Hotmail users can easily unsubscribe to mail, while the scheduled cleanup feature will automatically delete messages after a certain amount of days. Flagged messages will now also appear at the top of your inbox.
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Hundreds of thousands of BT Broadband customers cut off
BT Broadband customers across the UK were left without internet connectivity on Monday night following a power failure at a major exchange in Birmingham. The company reckons that around 5 per cent of its total user base were affected by the outage, which began at 1pm on Monday. The company now says full service has been restored.
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