Tech Today: iPod touch 3G to launch with iPhone 5?

Plus: Android Ice Cream Sandwich release date hint

With news from Apple, Android, Google, LG, Sony and HTC, here's the hottest tech goss from after you logged-off.

Apple iPod touch 3G rumours resurface
The long-desired iPod touch model with 3G data capabilities could be launched alongside the iPhone 5 in September or October according to the AppleNApps site. The report claims Apple has already agreed iPad-like data only plans with mobile networks. Rumors of the first 3G iPod first arrived in January.
Link: AppleNApps

Android Ice Cream Sandwich coming in October or November
Google's executive chairman Eric Schmidt has revealed that the next iteration of Android will be out in October or November. Ice Cream Sandwich will combine elements of Gingerbread and Honeycomb to create one Android eco-system to rule them all.
Link: This is my Next

HTC sues Apple again as patent wars rumble on
The ongoing legal battles between the world's leading smartphone manufacturers continue to sue each other for patent infringement. HTC has issued a suit against Apple using 9 patents that it bought from Google last week as a response to Apple's continued assertions that the original Android phone maker is copying the iPhone.
Link: Bloomberg

Sony outs new noise cancelling cans
Despite IFA being less than a week old, the tech launches keep on coming, and after a bumper showing at the Berlin tech-fest Sony outed some noise cancelling headphones late on Tuesday. The MCR-NC200D and the MCRNC1000D claim to cut-out up to 98.2 per cent of all ambient noise. Sony also announced smartphone-centric earphones for Android and iPhone.
Link: Engadget

LG announces new flagship passive 3D TV
Passive 3D technology has taken a little bit of a back-seat to active sets lately, but LG - the only manufacturer to support both formats - has given passive a shot in the arm with the new 55-inch Nano Full LED Cinema LW9800 3D HDTV. It's the first passive set to be THX certified and comes packing LG's Smart TV interface.
Link: Slashgear