Tech Today: iPlayer Europe launches, iPhone 5 coming 6th Sept?

Plus: Motorola planning Sportswatch?

It's the tech news that broke after you logged-off

BBC iPlayer launches in Europe, exclusively for iPad
The long-awaited roll-out of the BBC iPlayer internationally will take place in 11 European Countries and exclusively on the Apple iPad application launched on the continent today. The subscription-based app will feature new programming like Top Gear and Doctor Who, but also a huge array of classic content from the Beeb's 60-year archive.
Link: Guardian

Latest iPhone 5 release prediction? 2nd week of September
The Apple iPhone 5 will launch between the 6th and 15th September according to the latest rumours. The China Times reckons that Apple will soon be sent an intial test shipment of 400,000 units ahead of the potential launch in the second week of September.
Link: MacRumors

LulzSec 'spokesperson' arrested by Met
Scotland Yard is claiming a major scalp in the battle against the hacktivists by locating and arresting the man they've identified as the 'spokesperson' for LulzSec and Anonymous. The Met went to the Shetland Islands to arrest the 19-year-old who uses the online moniker of 'Topiary'
Link: Guardian

Motorola preparing a Nike+ Sportswatch rival?
Reborn smartphone manufacturer Motorola could be about to enter the mobile fitness game by launching a rival to the Nike+ Sportswatch. The device spoted in a survey and touted as a MotoActive looks a little like an IPod nano attached to a watch strap. Link: Engadget (with pic)

Qualcomm launches Augmented Reality SDK for iOS
Expect a flood of kick-ass Augmented Reality apps to arrive on the App Store in the near future following the launch of the brilliant AR SDK from Qualcomm. The idea is that app developers can use an existing framework to build exciting new AR apps using the iPhone's camera lens.
Link: TechCrunch

News@8: Wednesday saw reports that the next generation iPod touch will have 3G capabilities following a 'leak' on Apple's official website, plus news that Vodafone have decided to ditch the HTC EVO 3D for now. Also, hump day saw the first Windows Phone Mango device confirmed. Catch-up with this and more in Wednesday's News@8 round-up.