Tech Today: Apple 'scrapped' iPhone 5, Google Music update

Plus: Google TV to join forces with LG? Adobe man admits that Apple killed mobile Flash

The mythical iPhone 5 may have existed afterall, while an Adobe engineer has admitted that lack of iOS support caused the company to quit the mobile scene. Plus, we've news on Google TV and Google Music.

The iPhone 5 did exist, reports say
According to unsubstantiated reports on Business Insider, the iPhone 5 we hoped Apple would launch in October this year did exist, but the company chose not to go with the new design. The article says the much-vaunted iPhone 5 had the rumoured larger screen and slimmer design, but Steve Jobs decided not to go with it. Instead we got the iPhone 4S and a tonne of Siri hype.
Link: Business Insider

LG to jump into bed with Google for Google TV
Reports over the weekend suggest that LG is set to leap into the Google TV void following Logitech's decision to abandon the platform. Logitech, on Friday, announced that going all-in with Google TV was a "gigantic mistake" but apparently LG, the world's second biggest TV manufacturer, sees a future in Google's connected TV offering and integrated sets will be launched at CES.
Link: Bloomberg

Adobe: Apple refusal killed Flash for mobile
An Adobe engineer has taken to his personal blog to confirm what we all expected; the decision to kill flash on mobile devices falls solely on Apple's refusal to embrace the platform for iOS devices. Mike Chambers wrote: "Given the fragmentation of the mobile market, and the fact that one of the leading mobile platforms (Apple's iOS) was not going to allow the Flash Player in the browser, the Flash Player was not on track to reach anywhere near the ubiquity of the Flash Player on desktops."
Link: Gizmodo

Nintendo 3DS sales not looking too bad afterall?
After a mightily rocky start, sales of the Nintendo 3DS handheld console look set to eclipse those of the original DS. Following the price-cut earlier in the summer sales have soared and now figures suggest that the console will top the 2.37m devices sold by the original handheld in its first year. Sales are currently at 1.65m.
Link: SlashGear

Google Music to launch this week, but Sony and Universal missing?
Google sent out an invite this Friday asking the press to attend a mystery event this coming Wednesday with every indication that it will finally launch its MP3 download store. However, it's unlikely that the store will feature all of your favourite artists. According to CNET, Universal is on-board, but Sony and Warner are yet to sign on. CNET is unsure whether EMI will participate.
Link: CNET