Tech Today: iPhone 5 to boast HSPA+ 3G data speeds?

Plus: RIM denies PlayBook death, Spotify tweaks Facebook posts

Today's big iPhone 5 rumour suggests that Apple may be readying a device capable of data speeds three times that of its predecessor, while RIM has been forced to deny it has halted production on the PlayBook. In other news, you can now listen to embarrassing tracks on Spotify without the risk of worldwide embarrassment on Facebook.

iPhone 5 to improve on 3G data speeds
The next Apple iPhone could arrive packing 3G data speeds of unto 21Mbps according to the China Unicom network. The company reckons the iPhone 5 will be packed with HSPA+ tech, which should offer a significant update on data transfer speeds for GSM networks. It will of course, depend on which networks are HSPA+ compatible.
Link: Electronista

RIM denies reports that the PlayBook is dead
BlackBerry PlayBook-maker RIM has been forced to deny rumours that it has discontinued production on the ailing QNX tablet. Chip analyst John Vinh reckons RIM "has stopped production of its PlayBook and is actively considering exiting the tablet market." RIM released a statement describing the rumours as "pure fiction."
Link: Gizmodo

Spotify adds 'private listening' to Facebook functionality
After complaints from users that everything you listen to on Spotify is now published on Facebook, the Swedish streaming giant has added a private listening option. In a tweet, that company said: "Now you can temporarily hide your guilty pleasures. We call it "Private listening" and you can find it in the Spotify/File menu." Now you can listen to Take That with as much merriment as you like.
Link: TechRadar

Watch Jeff Bezos do his best Steve Jobs impression
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos unveiled the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet to great acclaim on Wednesday. Now you can watch the 'new Steve Jobs' launch the $199 Android tablet as the company has posted the entire press conference on YouTube
Link: AllThingsD

Jobs attempted to diffuse Samsung legal row
Speaking of El Jobs, reports on Thursday claimed that the ex-Apple CEO did his best to calm the brewing legal storm with rival Samsung back in 2010. MacRumors reports that Steve initiated contact with the Korean giant to smooth over the patent dispute. Since then, writs have been issued on four continents with Apple claiming Samsung copied the iPad.
Link: MacRumors