Tech Today: iPhone 4S Siri security flaw uncovered

Plus: Andy Rubin attacks Siri, iTunes Match launch imminent

It's been a rough day at the office for Siri, with a security flaw unveiled and Google's Andy Rubin having a dig. Meanwhile, iTunes Match is set for an imminent launch.

Android chief takes swipe at Siri
Your smartphone should not be your assistant, says Android head Andy Rubin. Following the launch of Android Ice Cream Sandwich, the Android chief took aim at the iPhone 4S's Siri personal assistant saying: "Your phone is a tool for communicating. You shouldn't be communicating with the phone; you should be communicating with somebody on the other side of the phone."
Link: AllThingsD

Siri security flaw fears revealed
As well as Andy Rubin putting the boot in, Siri has also been subject to reports of a worrying security flaw. The voice activated app can be used to make calls, hear appointments and send emails and texts among other things, even if your phone is passcode locked. That, of course, could prove very costly indeed if someone gets their mitts on your handset. This default setting can be fixed by turning Siri off in the Passcode Lock setting.
Link: CNET

Google starts encrypting your web searches
Over the next few weeks, Google is to start protecting your web searches with the same SSL encryption protocol it uses to stop people snooping at your Gmail account. If you are logged into your Google account, all of your searches will so through a secure https encrypted site, which is perfect if you're using a public PC. Google says it has made the move as your searches become more and more personalised.
Link: PCMag

iTunes Match launch imminent as switch shows up in iOS 5
Apple's cloud music subscription service, iTunes Match is set for an imminent launch, after a toggle switch showed up in the music settings of iOS 5 devices. Users in the US can now 'switch on' iTunes Match in Settings > Music, following they they're directed to iTunes to subscribe. The service is yet to go live. For us in the UK, an iTunes Match launch is a distant possibility has Apple has so far failed to agree deals with UK record labels and publishers.
Link: AppleInsider

Sony PS3 3D display release date set for 13 November
Although the UK release date is yet to be confirmed, Sony has announced that its PS3 3D display will go on sale in the States on November 13. The $500 24-inch display will come with a set of Active Shutter 3D glasses, a HDMI cable, a copy of Multistorm Apocalypse for $499. As well as displaying 3D pictures, it also allows gamers to play against each other on the same screen without the need for split screen action. The glasses separate the 2D images for you.
Link: CVG