Tech Today: iPad 2 price cut, ITV warns Apple over television

Plus: Micah Richards quits Twitter over racist abuse, Steve Jobs awarded a Grammy

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs wins a Grammy, while the iPad 2 has been cut in price. There's a new Google TV YouTube app and footballs race rows move to Twitter

iPad 2 price cut ahead of expected iPad 3 announcement
With Apple expected to unveil the iPad 3 in the first week of March, we're probably going to start seeing some pretty sweet iPad 2 deals popping up around the place. Meijer, a big box retailer in the United States, has chopped $70 (about £40) off the 16GB WiFi version of the device. Hopefully some reductions will begin with UK retailers in the coming weeks.
Link: AppleInsider

Google TV gets new YouTube app
We're still waiting for Google TV to launch in the UK, but when it gets here it'll come packing a nice shiny new YouTube app. The company has updated the portal to include a new channels interface, which YouTube announced last year. There's also faster, smoother navigation and a new feature called Discover which highlights videos by category.
Link: TheVerge

Steve Jobs wins a Grammy
Late Apple visionary Steve Jobs was honoured at the Grammy music awards on Sunday night. Jobs, who led the digital music revolution with the iPod and iTunes, was given a Trustees Award, reserved for those "individuals who, during their careers in music, have made significant contributions, other than performance, to the field of recording." Previous winners include Walt Disney and Les Paul.
Link: Gizmodo

ITV warns Apple, 'don't call it iTV'
Reports over the weekend claim that commercial broadcaster ITV has written to Apple in an attempt to discourage the company from calling its expected first television set "iTV". Apple is believed to be working on the device with a potential launch later this year and the home of Corrie are worried that the Apple may apply its iGadget naming convention to its televisual offering.
Link: Telegraph

Micah Richards quits Twitter over racist abuse
Manchester City defender Micah Richards has left Twitter, after sustaining months of racist taunts at the hands of users. A spokesman for the England man said: "He was getting loads of racist abuse, two or three incidents a week since it peaked in November. It's a shame because he really enjoyed the interaction with the fans." The unpleasant story comes in a Premier League season marred by the issue of racist abuse.
Link: Guardian