Tech Today: Apple saving iPhone 5 for 4G, BT's 300Mbps vow

The fastest UK broadband yet coming in spring 2012

Following the madness of Tuesday's iPhone 4S launch, it seems that Apple may be saving the iPhone 5 name for a special occasion. Meanwhile, BT has announced 300Mbps broadband for early next year, while the Xbox 360 moved a step closer to becoming the complete entertainment device.

Apple a bigger threat than piracy, says Miramax boss
iTunes domination of the digital movie landscape is doing more harm to movie companies than piracy, according to Miramax CEO Mike Lang. He says the lack of competition to iTunes means that the movie industry struggles from a lack of influence and an inability to fully exploit the market.
Link: AppleInsider

BT promises 300Mbps broadband by spring 2012
BT has announced plans to bring fibre-optic cable directly into homes, which it says will bring incredibly fast 300Mbps download speeds to UK homes by spring next year. The FTTP (fibre to the premises) connection is being trailed in six towns and will initially offer speeds of 110Mbps from early October.
Link: Guardian

Apple to save iPhone 5 name for 4G LTE network?
Many Apple fans were left disappointed that Wednesday's launch did not yield a branded iPhone 5 device. Analysts reckon that the company is saving the name iPhone 5 until it is ready to launch a 4G LTE handset. Will Strauss of research firm Forward Concepts says Apple might launch a 4G device next spring.
Link: CNET

Microsoft announces Xbox 360 TV deals
BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5, LOVEFiLM, Sky, MSN, YouTube, Blinkbox and Muzu will all be available on-demand on Xbox LIVE by Christmas. By announcing partnerships with 40 global media companies in all, Microsoft is going all-in on making the Xbox 360 a complete entertainment hub rather than just a games console.
Link: TechRadar

PS Vita can be used as a PlayStation 3 controller
Meanwhile, on the other side of the fence, Sony has admitted it is working on making the PS Vita a fully functional controller for the PlayStation 3, via Remote Play. In another twist, Microsoft plans to allow devs to also use the touchscreen on the device while playing PS3 games. It's the Wii U in disguise!
Link: Destructoid