Tech Today: Apple iPhone 5 to launch on August 16th?

Plus: Sony S1 release date, Spotify arrives in US today

Launches from Apple, Spotify, Amazon, Nokia and Sony covered-off in the tech news that broke after you logged off.

iPhone 5 might actually arrive in mid-August
We were convinced that the iPhone 5 wouldn't arrive until September, (and to be honest we still are) but this nugget of news suggest it might arrive in August. Apple is seeking "full-time iPhone sales staff" to work in its UK retail stores between August 16th and October 29th. Now surely they don't need folks to help shift the iPhone 4, so could it be?
Link: CNET

Spotify to launch in the US on Thursday
It's official. Our beloved music jukebox has packed its bag and will attempt to crack America on Thursday. Spotify has finally agreed deals with all four major US labels and the service is ready to launch. Americans can get involved via invite or subscribing to one of three payment plans. Good luck, Spotify! Don't forget about us now.
Link: Engadget

App of the Day | Helsing's Fire HD
One of the best iPhone puzzlers is now one of the finest iPad games. Just buy it and thank us later.
T3 App Chart | Top 10 iPad Apps | Helsing's Fire HD Review

Sony S1 and S2 tablets available for pre-order September 1st
The most-eagerly awaited tablet left to arrive in 2011 will be up for pre-order on 1st September according to leaked Sony Centre documents. The innovatively-designed Sony S1 and S2 Android Honeycomb tablets were slated for an August release, but now it looks more like mid-September.
Link: This Is My Next

Nokia's last throw of the dice
The ailing Finnish smartphone manufacturer is set to pump a whopping £80m into promoting its first batch of Windows Phone handsets due later this year. With profits falling, jobs going and market share evaporating, surely this is a desperate attempt from Nokia to rescue itself from smartphone oblivion.
Link: TechRadar

Amazon Android tablet coming in October?
According to the Wall Street Journal Amazon will launch its near-mythical Android tablet in the month by October. Separate reports also claim that the slate release will be accompanied by two new iterations of its all conquering Kindle reader.
Link: Wall Street Journal

News@8: Wednesday saw yet more tech specs for the forthcoming MacBook Air refresh leak-out online, while some Apple-endorsed t-shirts proved that Steve Jobs does have a sense of humour afterall. In other news a 4G version of the HP TouchPad is on the way, while Android 3.2 arrived for Motorola Xoom users.