Skype adds Video Messages for iOS, Android and Mac apps

20 messages for free and then it becomes a Skype Premium feature

New versions of the Skype app for Mac, iOS and Android now feature a neat Video Message option, but there's no sign of the functionality on Windows-based versions

Skype has unleashed a new feature for its iOS, Android and Mac apps which allows users to leave video messages for their pals during times when a full on video call isn't convenient.

The feature brings a new Video Message option to a conversation with a Skype contact, which sits alongside the video call and voice call alternatives.

Users can then record a three-minute video message, which can be easily shipped off to the recipient with a text accompaniment. Users get 20 free video message before they're asked to upgrade to the Skype Premium service to continue using Video Messagine

So far, the feature is strangely absent from Windows desktop and mobile versions of Skype, which is surprising considering Microsoft actually owns Skype. However, Windows users can still receive messages.

”We’re pleased that there’s interest for Video Messaging to come to Skype for Windows and Skype for Windows 8. We’ll let you know when we expand the service to the platform," a Microsoft spokesman told The Verge.

Via: The Verge